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Cheap bulk yoga mat set order ready to ship to UK

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer
cork yoga mat set

This big cork yoga mat set is we produced for our UK customers who already have long term cooperation with us in past years .

The full cork yoga mat set include below yoga accessories :

1 x cork yoga mat  1 x cork yoga wheel  2 x cork yoga blocks  1 x cork foam roller  1 x yoga strap   1 x big brown box to package together as a set to ship together .

Cork yoga mat is one of the biggest cork products from the cork yoga mat set , and the cork yoga mat customer order is our popular size 183*61*0.6cm yoga mats in bulk roll
Material is cork +TPE material ,by the way,we China Tiger Fitness have many different styles of yoga mats .
For example cork yoga mat is one of the best selling yoga mat ,our popular cork yoga mat size is 183*61/66*0.6

Do You Want To customized your yoga mat ?

cork yoga mat
We can do private label yoga mat and add your customized logo on our yoga mat set .
Pls but we need customer send me cork yoga set logo artwork in AI or PDF format to proceed.
The advantage of the cork yoga mat is below :
1 : Durable and recyclable –which means yoga mat quality is good and not easy break
2 : Perfectly non slip- as we can see our cork yoga mats set has the cork surface .
In other words, not so smooth which means anti- slip function is pretty good , so you retain your stability even during sweaty exercises.
3 :Easy to carry –the TPE and cork yoga mats are not so heavy so you can carry very easily ,which means can do yoga exercise with at home or carry to gym .
4: Safe to use – since cork yoga mat set cannot absorb dust or animals so not so easy to get dirty which is more safe to use .

Some hot selling similar cork yoga mat

The yoga mat set include a cork yoga wheel ,this 13 inch diameter and 5 inch wide cork yoga wheel is of better quality than normal style ,normal style is PP tube + TPE foam
But this style is ABS tube –which means more durable .
We did testing of our ABS tube weight limitation and result is can bear +400kg pls see below video as a ref.
Besides the cork yoga wheel surface -we add a extra cork surface stick on the TPE foam for our customers .
As we know cork material is better of anti-slip ,eco-friendly as well as avoid dirty more comfortable to use which means It is of high quality.
Another add value part of the cork yoga wheel from the yoga mat set  is the cork color tube . 
We also add a cork color transparent printing cork material on the ABS tube which make the tube more special.
The ABS tube cork yoga wheel advantage is below :
1 : Extreme durable and strong ,over over 400kg weight limitation which is safe to use
2 : Cork material all over the cork yoga wheel is eco-friendly and recycle ,safe to use
3: Good anti-slip function make it safe for use for balance and yoga training.

Hot selling yoga wheel amazon seller

The bulk yoga mat set include 2 different sizes of cork yoga blocks ,one is 3 inch high ,another is 4 inch high .
Customer choose them inside the set since it can fit for more different people use .
cork yoga mat set
The private label cork yoga block is laser engraved logo ,laser engraved logo printed cork yoga block advantage is the logo can last very longer will not easy fall off .

Compared with eva foam yoga block ,cork yoga block has below advantages

1: Safe to use ,cork yoga block is made of recycled hard cork .
Which has a firmness not found in foam blocks and allows you to feel secure in the support it provide.
2: Better anti-slip ,cork yoga block textured surface make it very anti-slip.
It is pretty better than foam smooth yoga block ,very fit for yoga beginners to use to keep safe.
3: Comfortable to use – cork material give us a high quality firmness which can also not easy get dirty .

Some of the Amazon hot selling cork yoga block

Cork foam roller

This 10cm*30cm cork solid foam roller from the yoga mat set is also get good feedback from many other customers .
The solid cork roller is around 900g and from below picture we can see, customer’s logo is also on the top of it .
Most customers prefer to print logo on its top or bottom.
But some also prefer in middle if they prefer big logo ,pls see below two logo printed foam roller as a ref.
The logo also laser engraved logo ,cork yoga mat set products fit for the laser logo since it’s surface is not so smooth and laser logo fit for textured surface.
In addition ,laser logo advantage is can last pretty longer time compare with screen logo or heat transfer logo etc .
We Tiger Fitness have many different sizes of the solid cork foam roller such as smaller one 5cm diameter also huge one 15cm diameter.
But the 10cm diameter is hot selling since it’s not to heavy to use and also not so small during yoga exercise .
In other words,this solid foam roller is best selling from cork yoga mat set.
Customer can only order the cork solid foam roller and can also order some of them as s unique set with their logo .
Pls see below Amazon hot selling different styles of the cork solid foam roller set as a ref.
we can also do different cork foam roller bundle as per customer’s different requiremenT

Different styles of yoga straps

This yoga strap is a normal hot selling yoga strap which is cost effective and multi-functional  yoga strap to use .
Yoga strap is the smallest yoga accessories from the yoga mat set but very necessary .
Its size is 183*3.8cm and material is cotton ,we have many different color ranges for the yoga straps ,pls see below as a ref.
The yoga strap is cheaper which is around $1 but it is really necessary and can also help most of our customer add value of their yoga mat set 
In other words,this is why most customers ‘ yoga mat set will include one pc yoga strap .
Since maybe one pc yoga strap sell around $8 to $12 dollars in their market.
But if order from us ,cost is around $1 and also can make their set multi-functional and let more people like the yoga mat set .
Since every yoga mat set is different ,-many material is foam ,or maybe some yoga mat set only include yoga mat and strap no yoga blocks of foam rollers.
 If you want to customized your own unique yoga mat set ,how do you do this ?

Our services

Sample avaliable

We can ship you our stock unbranded sample within 3 days and can also add your logo on our cheap bulk yoga mats to make it a branded sample

Graphic design

If you have no designer ,we can help you to design the color box ,manual to package our cork yoga mat set for yoru confirmation

Quotation and confirm order

After you satisfied with our sample ,we will start bulk order and prepare raw material of cork yoga mat

Pre-sample for confirm

After bulk yoga mats in bulk roll order confirmed we will produce one pc pre-sample cork yoga mat with your logo for your confirmation firstly

Bulk order shipping

After customer confirmed cork yoga mat pre-sample is ok ,we will start the bulk order and customer pay balance we start ship

After-sale service

After customer received our order or during selling ,find any defective items or quality problems,we will provide free replacement

We Tiger Fitness already produced many different cheap bulk yoga mat set for many different customers ,our main market is Europe ,USA,Canada ,Australia Japan etc .
If you want to know more details about our yoga mats in bulk roll or the customers who we cooperated with in your market pls send us inquiry so we can talk more details .

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