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China Top 4 Peanut Massage Ball For Physical Therapy

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

Silicone Peanut Massage ball

1. The peanut massage ball is comfortable and customers will easily use it according to the instructions.

You can use it on localized painful areas of the body that need trigger release while strengthening the stability of our core.

2. This peanut massage ball will be equipped with a carrying bag and it is perfect for us to use when we are at the gym, when we are out and before and after our workout.

We can easily apply pressure to our neck, back, legs, feet, shoulders, etc. at any time with this peanut massage ball.

3. This is the perfect device for self-massage – use it without anyone’s help and treat yourself to a massage!

We simply use these rollers to apply pressure around sore and tense muscles to trigger points, and witness the progressive effects they can provide.

Eva peanut massage ball

This eva peanut massage ball is a powerful tool for anyone looking to give a relaxing massage.

Due to its larger size, it is effective when we treat large muscles such as the back, shoulders, pecs, triceps, buttocks and hamstrings.

1. With the peanut shape and the grip of the massage ball, we can massage the forearms and calves with ease and accuracy.

2. Helps those in need of massage deal with trigger points – this large peanut massage ball is a great help in relieving pain and releasing tension from those pesky trigger points, deep muscle knots and fascial constraints.

The hardness of the massage ball and the small nodules on the surface can target our sore points and activate the acupuncture points.

1. Help us relax and recover – use our Peanut Massage Ball after we’ve worked out, run, yoga, mountain climbing, hiking, biking or just sitting in front of the computer all day.

Massage with peanut balls can improve our blood and lymph flow, further promoting muscle recovery and overall body health.

2. Help us strengthen our stretches – Regular use of peanut massage ball can also help us stretch our muscles and increase our fluidity.

Superficial nodules provide tangible results when applying pressure to the affected area. Let the peanut ball gently improve our flexibility.

3. It is made of high quality EVA foam with firm density. This Peanut Massage Ball isn’t as hard as a lacrosse ball, it has a light, pleasant touch. And it has a nice non-slip grip that won’t roll away easily. It is light and easy to use and carry.

Spiky peanut massage ball

1. Spiked Peanut Massage Balls – This is a product for massage that is different from other balls that have a large number of contact points.

They are used for full body massage to solve these problems: such as reducing tension, never relaxed muscles, relieving muscle soreness, etc.. In addition to this, they can also be used as an aid during exercise.

2. This spiky peanut massage ball has a wide range of applications – it can be used to effectively treat headaches, coughs and make us feel better through head massage or back massage.

It is perfect for full body massage, such as palms, feet, ankles, arms, neck and back.

1. Good effect when massaging acupuncture points and accelerating blood circulation.

Use this peanut massagball during exercise to enhance body flexibility and improve balance. Helps to lose weight and sculpt body shape.

2. Easy to use – The moderate softness of the contact points helps us reduce muscle tension and never relax when massaging on our skin. A self-massage tool that is easy to use.

Cork peanut massage ball

1. Made of 100% natural cork – the cork peanut massage ball is smooth and sturdy to the touch, and easy to carry and use anywhere.

Intimate care of many parts of the body, deep relaxation of muscle tension. Massage and relax the neck, back, waist, legs, etc., activate training areas before exercise and relax tense muscles after exercise.

1. Cork massage peanut ball for self-fascial relaxation, the use of ergonomic design, not easy to roll more stable, easy to massage the spine and other sensitive or usually difficult to reach parts.

Use the cork peanut ball before exercise to activate the training area, after exercise can relax the tense muscles.

2. This cork peanut ball is one of the good tool choices for yoga lovers, it is suitable for yoga therapy to reduce muscle knots.

Different Amazon hot selling styles of peanut massage ball

What benefits of our peanut massage ball?

1. A perfect peanut massage ball is designed for full body massage

2. This peanut massage ball is perfectly designed to help us reach those hard-to-reach stabilizing muscles around your spine and vertebrae, without putting pressure on them when you lie on top of the ball.

3. It is durable and can be used for a long time. We have a wide variety of colors available in the same density or custom colors according to customer needs.

So how to use the peanut massage ball to massage our full body?

Why choose us China Tiger Fitness?

1. Cuctomized Service

We can do private label service such as adding your customized logo on the peanut massage ball and on the packaging.

Small test order 50pcs of each color as a start to help customer test market with your logo.

We can offer different color range for choice and customize the color for customers

Here is one of our customer’s private label bulk order picture

The normal packaging is polybag, if you need better packaging, we can also offer carry bag, mesh bag, and color box.

So we need customer to send us logo artwork which need to be printed on the peanut massage ball or packaging in AI or PDF format to proceed.

Screen priting logo

Engraved logo

2. Free regular products sample for customers’ evaluation and shipping cost be paid by customers

3. Door to door ship is avaliable so customer no need to arrange pick up from china

4. If during selling meet quality problem, China Tiger Fitness will provide free replacement

Our services

Sample avaliable

We can ship you our stock unbranded sample within 3 days and can also add your logo on peanut massage ball to make it a branded sample

Graphic design

If you have no designer, we can help you to design the color box, manual to package peanut massage ball for your confirmation

Quotation and confirm order

After you satisfied with our sample, we will start bulk order and prepare raw material of the peanut massage ball

Pre-sample for confirm

After bulk order confirmed we will produce one pc pre-sample of the peanut massage ball with your logo for your confirmation firstly

Bulk order shipping

After customer confirmed pre-sample is ok, we will start the bulk order and customer pay balance we start shipping

After-sale service

After customer received our order or during selling, find any defective items or quality problems, we will provide free replacement

We Tiger Fitness already produced many different peanut massage ball for many different customers, our main market is Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan etc.

If you want to know more details about our products or the customers who we cooperated with in your market pls send inquiry so we can talk more details.

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