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Hand grip factory

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How to Pick a Hand Grip

An introduction of different styles of hand grippers

1:what is the hand grip

Hand Grip

Among all kinds of fitness equipment, the grip is a special kind. It is a kind of sports equipment for exercising the wrist and arm strength. It is deeply loved by people. What are the benefits of the grip? Arms are stronger and stronger, enhance body coordination, fitness equipment that can be used without going out

Grip strength equipment is more convenient to carry than other things. Compared with those fitness equipment that cannot be taken away, this kind of equipment allows you to exercise at different times and in different places. Exercisers have relatively developed muscles, and can regulate the internal circulation of blood to a certain extent, mainly to maintain the flexibility of some joint activities. It is also a good exercise equipment for the elderly. Can exercise the bones of the elderly.

Grip is a small fitness equipment. It can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used with one hand or with both hands. It can be held up or down, and it can be double-clamped. The muscles exercised in each posture are different. You can practice by changing postures. Generally speaking, when using a grip machine, hold 20 consecutive grips for about 5 seconds as a group, so the effect is better if you choose the correct hand grip factory

2:What are benefits of the hand grip

Main functions:

Muscle training: deltoid, chest, trapezius, rhomboid, latissimus dorsi, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, biceps, lumbar muscles, etc. Suitable for professional gym use.

Grips are mainly used to exercise people’s arm muscles and to exercise hand strength. It can not only exercise grip strength, but also improve the flexibility of fingers, relieve fatigue, use strong muscles, strengthen muscles, enhance blood circulation, long-term use, and help prevent rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Other functions

Comfortable to Hold and Use: designed with a delicate shape, this hand strengthening kit can fit your hands or fingers well if produced by a good hand grip factory . suitable for most ages and hand types, ideal training tools for rock climbers, guitarists, drummers, wrestlers or softball pitchers, bringing them a nice exercising experience

Various Resistance Levels: designed with resistance levels of 8.8-99 pounds, this hand gripper strengthener is sufficient for you to have hand exercises, like hands, wrists and fingers training, widely applicable for athletes, sports, fitness instructors, fitness, and musicians

3:How many different kinds of Wholesale Hand grips Produced by Hand Grip Factory

Adjustable Grip

This wholesale hand grips for strength have reinforced stainless steel tension springs and feature high-quality durable plastic bodies, perfect for men and women of different strengths.

Our grip strength trainer is made of heavy-duty plastic and reinforced metal alloy materials, it’s durable and safe, it will not damage your hands and fingers, which will bring you an excellent fitness experience.

Silicone Grip Ring

This Hand grip strengtheners are constructed with a premium silicone material that is odorless and latex free. The nonslip rings are also tear and crack resistant for long-term use.

STRENGTHENS GRIP AND IMPROVES DEXTERITY: Hand exercise rings build strength in the fingers, hands, wrist and forearms. Varied activities, including crushing, pinching and extensions work to improve the dexterity of both the fingers and hands. Perfect for athletes, musicians and physical therapy patients.

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foam hand grip

Built to last with the high quality hard foam/plastic handle and metal springs. Exercise daily for an hour would greatly improve your hand, wrist and forearm strength and speed.
Ergonomic design with soft foam handle fits all hand size for men and women, and providing a maximum comfort grip and anti-slipping.

Squeeze and release your daily anxiety away while exercise your gripping as it helps to increase blood flow.

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Forearm Hand Grip

This wholesale hand grip can help improve your strength while promoting relaxation and chasing away boredom. The forearm strengthener comes with hand gripper as a bonus, allowing you to train your forearm and wrist muscles and get rid of stress at the same time.It is made with heavy-duty carbon steel springs that provide optimal resistance to help increase exercise endurance and improve strength in your forearm and wrist for a powerful grip.

Fingers Exerciser

Various tension levels available: 5lb (Blue), 7lb (Red), 9lb (Black)
Isolated spring-loaded digits increase strength of each finger and hand grip
High quality SWPC springs, ABS plastics, Santoprene enhance durability and functionality
Designed to increase the strength of the fingers, wrists and forearms
Exercise each finger trainer individually, or the entire hand arm strengthener. Isolates and exercises each finger individually for strength, dexterity, and endurance. Develops outstanding hand trainer , wrist and forearm strength.

Finger stretcher

Great for treating arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or recovery for broken fingers, wrist or post-surgery recovery.They are made 100% out of premium quality,silicone, making them washable and durable for years.They can be used while walking, jogging, traveling, at the office, at school, watching TV or anywhere you want to exercise.

hand grip ball

The diameter of the ball is 5 cm, the color is red,blue,green,and the weight is about 60g. It is ergonomic, flexible and easy to carry. It can be placed in a handbag or pocket.
It made from high quality Medical Grade Rubber, with unique non-slip texture surface. Portable, easy to clean with sealable protective pack for easy storage.
Strengthen and improve flexibility in the hands, fingers, wrists and forearms. Ease joint pain. Help ease with stiffness of the the fingers.
Whether in search of stress relief toys /Strengthen and improve flexibility in the hands, fingers, wrists and forearms , our squishy balls are perfect. Smoosh, squeeze, stretch, pull, toss, bounce – they will immediately return to their original shape.

Counting hand grip

Counting hand grip have an automatic counting function, clearly record the number of exercises per session,Allows you to focus more on practice without distracting.
Humanized design, 5 – 60kg can be adjustable freely.
High-strength alloy springs are made of customized materials, which are strong and durable.
Built with strong springs and non-slip handle, durable and safe.
Effective Grip Strengthener: handgrips strengthener delivers effective force to your wrist, finger, and forearm muscles, its design channels the resistance from its rust-resistant spring to your hand.
High-quality and ergonomic design: The hand exerciser is firm and not easily deformed, ensuring a longer use time, perfectly fitting the palm, and feeling soft and comfortable.
This hand grip will exercise all the muscles of the fingers, hands and forearms, which will lead to better exercise and you can avoid injuries.

Digital hand gripper

This hand grip strength tester is equipped with a high-precision strain gauge sensor for accurately measuring grip strength up to 198 pounds with the division of 0.2lbs / 0.1kgs.
Perfect for athletic training, sport, home, and clinical use. Testing grip strength is necessary for sports such as rock climbing, wrestling, and gymnastics and also provides a valuable indicator of overall health.
This Hand Strengthener can store data for up to 19 users, and 19 records can be recalled anytime when needed.
Width of handle is adjustable, users of different ages with big hands and small hands fit well.

4:What is the Difference Between Different Styles Wholesale Hand Grip

Rubber grip:

Best to apply force.The rubber-covered style of the handle is softer and easier to hold, and at the same time reduces the pressure on the fingers, and is even less prone to slipping due to sweat. It's just that some people may not like the smell of rubber, so pay special attention to confirm when purchasing.

Plastic handle GRIP

the most solid feel. The grips made of plastics such as ABS resin are mostly rigid designs that conform to the curve of the hand, which can make the grip feel more solid. However, if you choose high-pound products, it may cause pain in your fingers or palms, so it is recommended to choose products with moderate strength to avoid burden on your hands.

Adjustable Grip

Use for the whole family. There are also products on the market that claim to have adjustable grip distances, which can be adjusted to the most appropriate grip distance according to different age groups. Even children with small palms can enjoy the fun of practicing grip strength.

Silicone handle grip

Soft and easy to hold. The outer layer of the grip made of silicone material is very soft to the touch, and the color design is more diverse, which is very popular among female users. However, this type of grip is mostly cylindrical, which is relatively thicker than other grips, so some people may find it difficult to hold.

Metal handle grip

Suitable for formal training. For a firmer workout, you can opt for metal grips. This type of product has a rich selection of pounds, which is quite suitable for high-intensity training, and its heavy and rigid appearance is also one of its charms.

Counting Grip

In addition to products with basic training functions, some hand grip produced by hand grip factory are also equipped with automatic counting functions, allowing users to see the number of exercises at a glance, which in turn makes people more motivated to train. It is also quite suitable for watching TV or reading books. Use time count.

5:How to use the Customized Hand Grip

6:Hand Grip Exercise Precautions

1. Control the number of times: In order to achieve obvious exercise effect and not put too much burden on the muscles, we need to control the number of exercises within a reasonable range. Generally speaking, it is advisable to exercise 1,000 times for each hand every day, which can be divided into morning and evening.

2. Equipment maintenance: During use, if the wholesale hand grip is rusted, worn, or the screws are loosened, the grip must be replaced and repaired in time to avoid potential safety hazards.

3. Do what you can: Many people who have just exercised will have a misunderstanding that the longer the exercise time and the higher the frequency, the more obvious the effect will be. However, we need to remind everyone that exercise must be done gradually and according to one’s ability to avoid discomfort in the body.

7:How to Care for a Hand Grip

1: Since there are iron parts in the wholesale hand grip, please store it in a dry and ventilated place, do not let the product come into contact with moisture, and prevent rust. If the hand grip factory produced grip  is rusted, worn, or the screw is loose, it must be replaced and repaired in time to avoid potential safety hazards.

2: For silicone ball grips and rubber grips, they need to be stored in a ventilated and cool place. If the temperature is too high, the silicone and rubber are at risk of melting, and after high temperature exposure, the rubber tension ring is easily broken during use. , there are security risks

3: After washing, air-dry in a cool place and store in a closed space

8:Where to buy the wholesale hand grip from hand grip factory 

Our about

Hand grip factory

Shanghai Tiger Fitness has been producing fitness products for about 8 years, and the grip is one of the main products. We manufacture various types of grips. Logo, color, packaging can be customized with very little MOQ. We also have the ability to produce private customized wholesale hand grip designs, and can produce privately designed grips according to customer’s design drawings.

The raw materials of Tiger Fitness’s grips have passed professional testing, and the materials are safe and non-toxic. The following is the test report

9:what are the key features of wholesale hand grip


1: Can mix different colors and styles to sell as your customized wholesale hand grip set, or flip to sell each product. make your own choice

2: You can print your own logo and make your own brand

3: The advantage of wholesale hand grip produced by hand grip factory  is that you can choose to sell your products in different countries’ markets at the same time, because we can send the goods to different countries.

10:Can I design my own brand hand grip?

The answer is: definitely you can. 

Many China Hand Grip Factory  has produced custom brand hand grips for customers in different countries, we have different logo printing processes, you can refer to some pictures below

Our services

Sample avaliable

We can ship you our stock customized hand grip sample within 3 days and can also add your logo on our hand grip to make it a branded sample

Graphic design

If you have no designer ,as a hand grip factory,we can help you to design the customized wholesale hand grip color box ,manual to package our hand grip for yoru confirmation

Quotation and confirm order

After you satisfied with our sample ,we will start bulk wholesale hand grip order and prepare raw material of hand grip

Pre-sample for confirm

After hand grip bulk order confirmed we will produce one pc pre-sample of hand grip with your logo for your confirmation firstly

Bulk order shipping

After customer confirmed pre-sample is ok ,we will start the bulk wholesale hand grip order and customer pay balance we start ship

After-sale service

After customer received our order or during selling ,find any defective items or quality problems,we will provide free replacement

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