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Custom resistance bands

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custom resistance bands

Bulk order sourcing

What is custom resistance bands

Custom resistance bands mean logo printed resistance bands or branded resistance bands in bulk.

Some people want their own logo printed resistance bands and some people also want get customized package such as carrybag package or color box packaged resistance bands loop.

So if you have your own gym store or need sell resistance bands with your logo on Amazon ,Ebay ect website maybe you will need find a correct resistance bands manufacturer to get the correct custom resistance bands.

Customized resistance bands include latex bands loop with your logo or private label fabric bands, fabric resistance bands price is a little expensive compare with loop bands but anti-slip function is better.

China custom resistance bands

Local store or website

If our q’ty requirement is not so many just some pcs ,maybe local stores or local online stores such as Amazon is a good choice since convenient and very fast ,if we do not like the resistance bands loop exercises ,we can also easy return them.

Search on Platform

We can also try to find the direct resistance bands manufacturer to get a cheaper price from some platform such as Alibaba or Made in China etc.

Resistance bands manufacturers can give direct factory price and easy to produce printed resistance bands in bulk.

Trade Fair

We can also take some trade fairs to meet the direct resistance bands factory and see their resistance bands sample and talk face to face with them.

This is the most convenient method since we can see  resistance bands supplier to see who they are and also touch and test samples directly.

Google search

We can also search ” resistance bands manufacturer ” or resistance bands factory etc on google and then compare and select the best resistance bands manufacturer to order from them.

We can compare from below points :

1 :Communication 

2:Product price

3:Products quality

4:After sale service


China resistance bands manufacturer

Where to find custom resistance bands Supplier?

There are many places we can get the correct custom resistance bands in bulk for our business or store.

Custom resistance bands sourcing process

How to get logo printed resistance bands

Logo printed resistance bands bulk order 

Get a quote

Tell resistance bands supplier your requirement and get a quote on bulk resistance bands order.

Ask for sample

If the resistance bands price is ok and communication is ok we need check sample.

Confirm order

If resistance bands sample quality is ok we can place custom resistance bands order with factory.

Send logo artwork

We need have a high reesolution logo artwork such as AI format or PDF format logo artwork which use for printed loop bands

Check pre-sample

Resistance bands manufacturer need produce one set custom resistance bands with our logo for us approval

Bulk order ship

After logo printed resistance bands approved and bulk order finished ,can proceed with shipping wholesale resistance bands
custom resistance bands

Meet Our Clients

Custom feedback

We cooperated with many customers from different countries in past 10 years ,below is one of our customer feedback on our resistance bands and AB rollers .

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