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Custom resistance bands & bulk resistance tubes from resistance bands manufacturer

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

1 :What is wholesale resistance tube bands ?

Resistance tube bands is one style of long tube which is used for strength stretch training ,elastic bands for exercise can improve strength, size, and function of muscles in the elderly as well as those undergoing rehabilitation.

Resistance tube also have different resistance levels:

X heavy resistance level tube

Heavy resistance level tube

Medium resistance level tube

Light resistance level tube

X Light resistance level tube

Wholesale resistance tubes means ordecustom resistance bands  in bulk based on a cheaper wholesale price .

Sometimes ,customers also like to add their private label on resistance tubes to get the customized wholesale resistance tubes bulk order .

And pls keep in mind ,all resistance bands especially latex resistance bands is afraid of sun and air and when you finished resistance bands training ,pls keep it in the carrybag to avoid oxidation .

2: Which material custom resistance bands is best for wholesale ?

Normally in current market ,custom resistance bands wholesale order have two materials ,one is TPE resistance tubes and another is latex resistance tubes.

TPE material custom resistance bands :

TPE resistance tubes raw material is cheaper and the wholesale resistance tubes price is cheaper from resistance bands manufacturer

But the TPE resistance tube resistance levels are not as good and strong as latex resistance tubes .

when you have two resistance tubes on hand ,one is tpe customized resistance tube and another is latex resistance bands ,you can feel the latex tubes are more elastic.

Latex resistance tube raw material is expensive so wholesale resistance bands in latex material will be expensive and with better elasticity .

As per our previous customers’repeat order rate and feedback ,our US ,Europe and Australia ,Canada customers prefer latex resistance bands in bulk order .

3: What is the benefits of resistance tube bands ?

Resistance tube bands have a lot of benefits :

Great For Any Workout anywhere:  resistance tube bands are the ideal home gym equipment; Integrate them into your yoga, Pilates, or other routine or use them for stretching and weight training; Storage bag included.

Full Body Training – Exercise tube bands with handles and ankle straps is great for toning arms, chest, soulder, glutes, legs etc, effectively building your strength and muscle. This custom resistance bands  can also be used in other workouts like physical therapy.

Lightweight & Portable – Resistance tube bands set is lightweight and portable compared to barbell or other exercise equipment. They work as your mobile gym at home, outdoor, office etc, help you build muscle, strength, speed and lose weight fast

Resistance tube bands can apply to different types exercise. Good for toning your arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, legs etc. Also comes with convenient travel pouch of this resistance bands set!

Besides ,customized resistance bands benefits also include below :

Resistance tube bands training is a great way to get a full body workout and elastic bands for exercise will include different resistance levels of bands which are excellent for home exercise, gym routines, and physical therapy .

Resistance bands are the ideal home gym equipment ,we can use them in your yoga, Pilates and can also take out very easily since they are very light ,they can help us lose weight and stretch our body .

Elastic bands are great for lower body exercises that target your legs, glutes, quads, and hips,it is a great way to get a full body workout.

4 :Amazon Top 5 hot selling resistance tube bands suppliers

If you need one resistance bands tube for daily training or sample testing,you can consider order from your local Amazon ,below is some of Amazon hot and good reviews resistance bands suppliers for you as a ref.


Fit Simplify Resistance Tube Bands 12 Piece Set with Instruction Booklet

“With 5 tubes of different strength levels these meet my current physical therapy needs and future needs to grow into as my strength improves. This custom resistance bands  is well made and will last many years. The handles are very comfortable. These tubes work well on their own or with a door anchor strap where the tubes can be worked at different heights to vary the workout.”Janet,  amazon.com


TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands with Handles – 5 Fitness Workout Bands Stackable up to 110 / 150 lbs, Training Tubes 

“I suffered a severe shoulder injury in a car accident and after surgery was told recovery would take a year. I started with therapy twice a week, but needed to be able to do some of the exercises at home. These worked great. I took them and showed them to my physical therapist so he could tell me which ones would match the weighted bands we use at the office. He told me the ratio and I was able to continue my rehab at home. I was told the injury would require a minimum of a year recovery with therapy; being able to actively do therapy at home (with permission of therapist, of course) has me already at about 80% at only the six month mark. They work just like the ones at the office, except mine are hooked to my door, not hooked to heavy machines. They have held up well!”Karen,  amazon.com


WSAKOUE Resistance Bands Set, Exercise Bands, Workout Bands for Men & Women, 5 Level Fitness Bands with 4 Resistance Loops

“I don’t have any negatives about these bands.
I was maimed in a work accident a few years back, employer at fault, but even after a court settlement and paying lawyers there wasn’t even enough left over for the crappy gym, let alone the 9 months physical therapy that was ordered. And after trying out a few different brands, being injured by two that instantly snapped on first use, I can honestly say these resistance bands are great! They are easy to use and you can take them anywhere. They don’t break on the first use and I love how everything is labeled and comes with its own bag.”CBailey,  amazon.com


Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands with Instruction Guide and Carry Bag, Set of 5

” This set of bands are great value and the carrying bag has come in handy for traveling and storing of items. I have enjoyed using these while recovering from injuries. These bands have been a tremendous help with strengthening and toning of my arms and legs for therapy use. Would recommend these to anyone wanting to tone up and or assisting in physical therapy.”Lisa Law,  amazon.com


MhIL 5 Resistance Bands Set – Booty Bands for Women and Men, Best Exercise Bands, Workout Bands for Working Out Legs, Butt, Glute- Stretch Gym Fitness Bands, Workout Equipment , Workout Sets for Women

” I haven’t had much success with the usual latex bands. They would roll up and cut into my thighs as I workout. I was told about fabric resistance bands and I found these on Amazon. They arrived in a ziploc like package with five bands of different strengths (Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy). I’ve used one in a lower body workout and I must say, I was extremely impressed. The fabric and wide width allowed the band to stay in position all during my workout. I felt the resistance and added strength support. I appreciate the individual packaging of each band and resealable bag for easy storage when not in use. Definitely recommend!”TW Reviews,  amazon.com

5: How to use the wholesale resistance tube set ?

6: Where to buy resistance bands in bulk ?

If you no need customized resistance bands wholesale requirement and want to buy the bulk resistance bands from your local .

You can try to buy resistance bands in bulk from amazon

Or you can also buy bulk resistance bands from Walmart

And How much should I pay for resistance bands?

If you buy resistance bands in bulk from US,Canada or Europe or Australia ,most resistance bands price range from $6 to $30, depending on how many you get and where you buy them, which is excellent for the budget-conscious exerciser .

But if you order the resistance bands in bulk from China resistance bands manufacturer ,the price is from $1.9 to $7 based on the styles and q’ty .

But do not forget to ask resistance bands wholesale order shipping cost from china to your side ,since most resistance bands factory when quote wholesale resistance bands price ,their quotation will not include shipping cost .

So if you have a brand ,we suggest you try to brand my own resistance bands in bulk so you can let more and more people locally know your brand which is good for your customized resistance bands wholesale business.

If your local retail resistance bands price is too high ,you can consider order the resistance bands bulk order from china or Pakistan etc countries since their raw material cost and labor cost is cheaper .

You can search and choose resistance bands factory on some big platform such as google ,alibaba ,global source or made in china .

Or if you have friends have some cooperated resistance bands manufacturers can recommend you will be better .

China Tiger Fitness is also a 9 years old resistance bands supplier ,we already in fitness industry for many years and cooperated with many customers such as Go Fit ,Walmart ,Dick’s Sporting Goods etc .

We also have rich experience to cooperate with Amazon sellers ,in past 5 years 50% of our cooperated customers sell their customized resistance bands in Amazon and feedback is good .

An of course ,if you are from India or Vietnam and your local labor cost or raw material cost is cheaper than china ,then source resistance bands in bulk from your local also a good choice.

7 : How to choose the best resistance bands manufacturer?

As per our cooperated clients feedback ,they choose resistance bands suppliers based on below points for your ref.

1 Good quality

Which means the resistance tube bands wholesale order must of best quality ,since only have best quality bulk resistance bands ,they can sell them for longer and have good feedback and reputation .

2: Reasonable wholesale resistance bands price

 Wholesale resistance tube bands price also important, since customers also need get profit .

 So if can get a cheaper price resistance bands manufacturer ,will be a good start and easy to be successful.

3 : Good customer service


Resistance tube manufacturer need update customer every procedure of their bulk resistance bands wholesale order until customer received resistance bands in bulk.

4 :Can produce customized resistance bands in bulk

 Since most wholesale customers need large q’ty such as 500pcs to 100pcs so they want do private label resistance tube bands .

 So the resistance bands manufacturer must can produce OEM resistance bands and also can produce customized resistance band sample.

5:Good resistance bands bulk order production capacity

Since many big customers sell fast so production time they need as soon as possible so production capacity of resistance bands wholesale order they also pay attention to .

And of course ,every customers requirement is different ,we previously meet some customers ask us finish 2000pcs wholesale customized resistance bands in bulk within 10 days for Christmas selling .

And sometimes also meet customers only need price as low as possible since need resistance bands in bulk for promotion.

So we will give customers good suggestion and provide customer correct products based on their requirement .

8: 6 points for resistance bands wholesale procedure to avoid mistake

If you already ready to start your resistance bands business for example sell on your own website or store ,amazon ,ebay etc ,you need to get the wholesale resistance bands ,hope below 6 points can help you.

1 : Check bulk resistance bands wholesale price

You need check with resistance bands manufacturer the wholesale price such as 100pcs or 500pcs elastic bands for exercise

2 : Check wholesale resistance bands shipping cost door to door

Since some big products shipping from your sourcing country such as china to USA is also expensive so we need know the resistance bands bulk shipping cost before sourcing.

You can check with resistance bands suppliers or also check with shipping company or maybe do both and choose the best one ,do not forget to ask resistance bands factory and forwarder the tax and duty which you need to pay .

3  Ask for resistance sample for testing

Sample is very important ,since from sample we can know the resistance bands supplier service and also product quality .

4: Start bulk resistance bands wholesale order and pay resistance bands deposit also send your logo and package artwork for bulk order production.

Normally 30% or 50% deposit for resistance bands wholesale order is normal.

5 :Ask for customized resistance bands pre-sample for checking and approve

This step most customers sometimes will skip especially if they never source resistance bands in bulk before .

But this is important ,since customized resistance bands pre-sample can show you what your bulk resistance bands wholesale order looks like .

If the pre-sample customized resistance bands is made wrongly then you need ask your resistance bands suppliers to re-produce a new one for your re-checking and approve.

6Ask for finished resistance bands in bulk pictures and pay for balance for shipping ,get wholesale resistance tubes tracking number.

So if possible ,pls do not skip the procedure ,we produce all bulk resistance bands wholesales orders as per above procedures in past 9 years .

And for 350 resistance bands bulk orders and no wholesale resistance bands in bulk order have mistake .

9: Can bulk resistance tubes wholesale can make money ?

The answer is yes ,otherwise there will be no so many resistance bands suppliers sell their products on amazon or website .

Since the china resistance tube wholesale price maybe only $4 to $8  from resistance bands manufacturer and our US and Europe customers sell them around $20 to $40 in their local website or stores

But do not forget to calculate the advertising fee and do not start with huge order at first step ,since storage also need some fee .

So if want to successful on resistance bands business ,maybe can start from 100 to 500pcs resistance bands wholesale order as a start .

Can also do customized resistance bands so let people know your brand ,then step by step ,after you are familiar with whole procedure and first resistance bands bulk order sell well ,then add more .

If you have some selling channel such as some of our customers sell to their gym people or some gym stores ,then this will be more easer to be successful .

10: To do list before start customized resistance bands wholesale sourcing

If you just start your business and want to source resistance tubes in bulk ,pls think below things :

1 : Do you know where to sell ?

This is simple ,when you get bulk order resistance bands ,you need have some channels to sell it ,this is very important ,if you have good channel, you already succeed 80%

2 : Do you have your own logo and also register it ?

We have some customers in first order all ok ok and then repeat resistance bands in bulk order and find the trademark has some problem maybe infringe and need wholesale customized resistance bands bulk order change logo .

 So this will take extra time ,so have a own trademark is important if you want do longer business.

3 :Find the correct resistance bands manufacturer

China Tiger Fitness already produce resistance bands for 9 years ,pls see below our customers feedback on bulk resistance tube bands

4 :Have good shipping company

A good shipping company will handle all shipping details for yous so you no need worry about it ,or you can also ask your resistance bands manufacturer to do shipping for you

5 : Take 8 to 10 beautiful custom resistance bands to list on website

Good resistance bands pictures always be liked by many people and will make more people want to buy it ,if you can also take some good resistance bands video will be perfect.

6 :Ask for good review from resistance bands buyers and have good customer service

We have one resistance bands buyer who repeat 1000 to 2000pcs wholesale customized resistance tube bands from us.

His name is Szymon and he sells pretty well and then we ask him why you sell so good ,he tell us their service team will call all buyers and ask for feedback and good resistance bands reviews .

If you have any good ideas and good suggestions welcome to leave a message and talk with us ,if you like our resistance bands wholesale bog pls also give us a 5 star review ,hope it can help you to become more successful in your future business.

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