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How to get correct cork massage ball for business ?

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Find the perfect cork balls for your business.

Cork massage ball

As we know ,cork massage balls are more and more popular these days.

They have a lot of functions such as deep tissue relief  can decrease our muscles knots and tensions.

Cork massage balls are good for our health. 

So how to get correct cork balls for our business ? how to find correct massage balls manufacturer ? 

Let’s see below step by step.

cork ball rollers set

We Solve Real Problems

How to find correct cork balls?

Local website

We can find the cork massage balls for exacmple 5cm cork balls ,6cm cork balls ,8cm cork balls or 10cm cork balls as well as large cork ball from our local website since will be convenient.

Nearby stores

Our nearby stores or supermarket also a good choice. Such as Walmart ,Aldi etc or some small gym stores ,we can touch and feel what the cork massage balls looks like .

Direct cork balls factory

But if we need big order cork massage balls and want get custom cork massage balls with our logo ,maybe we can find direct cork factory to produce for us.

Search on google

We can search cork balls manufacturer on google to find massage balls factory list as a compare.

Search on platform

We can use some supplies platform such as Alibaba ,Global Source ,Made in China to search cork massage balls to find what we need

How to find cork balls factory?

Find them on website

How to find cork massage balls ?

Meet cork ball factory face to face

How to get custom cork balls in bulk ?

cork mat yoga factory

Step One

Find the correct cork balls supplies and ask them to quote bulk cork balls cost for our compare.

Step Two

Get a cork massage ball sample from cork ball manufacturer.

We can also get 2 to 3 cork massage balls samples from different yoga factories to compare.

cork balls bulk

Step Three

After cork balls samples we satisfied ,we can contact yoga manufacturer to confirm the total cork massage ball set cost.

After all confirmed place bulk cork ball roller order.

Step Four

Place origins cork ball bulk orders and ask yoga factory to logo printed cork ball for our approval ,only approved start bulk cork balls printing.

cork set4
cork yoga mat

Step Five

After bulk massage balls finished and approved ,ask tracking number from yoga supplies for our track.

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

We china Tiger Fitness /Happy Fitness already produce cork massage balls and cork yoga mat etc for 10 years.

We also produce resistance bands ,yoga mats ,fitness accessories etc and established with many good customer all of the world.

Do You Want To get good cork balls for your Business?

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