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How to add your private label

Sample avaliable

We can ship you our stock unbranded sample within 3 days and can also add your logo on our product to make it a branded sample

Graphic design

If you have no designer ,we can help you to design the color box ,manual and logo for your confirmation

Quotation and confirm order

After you satisfied with our sample and price, we will send you contract and proceed the bulk order

China wholesale gym towels in bulk factory who produce customized yoga towels in bulk & yoga towel wholesale

Also arrange gym towels in bulk wholesale door to door ship .

☆ 9 years yoga towel manufacturer with rich experience
☆ Produce yoga ,fitness ,outdoor accessories etc
☆ Reply all customers message within 24 hours and good after-sell service on gym towels in bulk etc all products

Customized gym towels in bulk procedure:
Step 1 :Confirm wholesale yoga towel requirement :
Pls update us your prefered yoga towels wholesale style and color as well as package
Step 2 :Sample of personalized yoga towels
Pls confirm whether you need customized yoga towel sample for testing or video sample testing
Step 3:Bulk yoga towels and gym towels order mock up
Our sales will do a private label yoga towel mock up for your side to who you what your logo will look like on our yoga towel wholesale
Step 4 : Pre-sample of tennis towels bulk
After customer confirmed branded yoga towel mock up ,we will start the pre-sample we will arrange one pc pre-sample yoga towel and print your logo on it and send picture or video for customer to confirm whether pre-sample is ok .
Step 5 : If pre-sample not approved ,we will re-work ,if approved ,we will start the gym towels in bulk order production
Step 6 : Shipping personalized yoga towels
After all wholesale yoga towel bulk order finished ,we will send customer wholesale yoga towels bulk order pictures pls customer make balance payment after see bulk order pictures .
Also confirm shipping address we will arrange door to door ship ,and if customer pick up the order from our yoga towel factory also ok .
Step 7 : Received the gym towels in bulk  order and wait for customer feedback
If customer received the order successfully and all is ok ,then the order is finished ,if customer meet shipping lost or bulk order quality problem ,we will contact customer to solve it for re-producing or refund etc things
Can yoga towel manufacturer produce your private label gym towels in bulk?
Yes ,yoga towel manufacturer can add your private label logo on wholesale yoga towels order and also can customize the yoga towel package ,if you have interest in the gym towel pls send inquiry to talk more details with our sales.
What Can good gym towel supplier  help you ?
1 : Free customized yoga towel sample for evaluation for you and shipping cost customer pay
2: Small yoga test order 100pcs gym towels in bulk as a start to help customer test market with your logo
3: Door to door ship tennis towels bulk is avaliable so customer no need arrange pick up from china
4:  If during selling meet quality problem ,good yoga factory will provide free replacement

5 pay attention points when customize gym towels in bulk
1 : Sample of personalized yoga towels is important
Since you will do wholesale yoga towels  in bulk ,so you need ask for a sample to check quality ,after satisfied then go ahead. 
2: Check total price for tennis towels bulk include shipping 
Take wholesale yoga towels as a example ,if you want to order 200 sets custom yoga towel.
Pls ask yoga towel manufacturers to quote the product price and shipping cost separately .
Since many yoga towel manufacturers maybe only update you custom yoga towels cost some customers maybe regard they include shipping .
Actually ,most suppliers price will not include shipping so ask clearly how much for wholesale yoga towels and how much for gym towels in bulk shipping is important .
3: Ask yoga towel manufacturers whether have any hiding price will occur.
Customers’ local tax and duty maybe the hiding cost ,since if we import gym towels in bulk from other countries ,when custom yoga towel  into our country maybe we will need do custom clearance and pay local tax and duty .
China Tiger Fitness can do door to door shipping for gym towels in bulk include customers’ local tax and duty pre-paid so customer no other hiding fee to pay .
4: Ask for personalized yoga towels pre-sample for inspection
You can ask yoga towel manufacturers to send you video or picture or ship you the printed custom yoga towels for your checking .
So you can see whether logo and package as well as products colors etc details are correct .
After pre-sample approved ,then proceed with yoga towels in bulk mass production .
5: Shipping personalized yoga towels
If you sell on Amazon ,tell yoga suppliers to stick FNSKU barcode and FBA labels free of charge for you in advance.
If you on Amazon ,you should know Amazon have many rules such as:
Stick FNSKU and FBA labels for scan then can into Amazon
Outer ctn size not exceed 63.5cm and weight not exceed 20kg if possible ,otherwise add extra heavy label .
So if you are ready to sell the yoga products in bulk in your own amazon pls create the yoga set barcode and FBA labels from your amazon system and send to your cooperated supplier to stick.
Most yoga supplier will provide free label service as a support

Will the gym towels in bulk help me to make profits ?
The reason is 100% yes ,since if wholesale yoga towels no profits ,there will no so many sellers to sell the yoga accesories in amazon or ebay as well as their website anymore .
Generally speaking ,the yoga accessories in bulk ,if yoga towel ,in china yoga towel factory only $2to $5 each set ,but in US,Europe Amazon can sell around $15 to $45 each set .
Yoga towel manufacturers price is $2 to $5 each set and Amazon is $12 to $20 each set .
So we can sell the china yoga towel price is really low compare with Europe ,US,Canada local price .
This is why many gym owner or personal trainer as well as many sellers in Canada US and Europe as well a Australia they will order gym towels bulk from china yoga supplier .
China yoga towel factory have below benefits?
1 : Price of tennis towels bulk is cheaper 
2 :Can add private label on gym towels in bulk
3: Good customer service to customers
4 :Can arrange door to door ship custom yoga towel so customer no need worry anything
5: If products have any quality problem ,china supplier will also solve them immediately.
Even gym towels personalized in bulk will have much profits ,but when you calculate your profit,pls do not forget below points :
1 : The shipping cost from china to your country – some yoga factory maybe not provide shipping service ,China Tiger Fitness can provide door to door shipping service for yoga towels in bulk .
2 : Your local advertising fee
Especially when you sell in Amazon ,maybe in order to make your own yoga towel in first page ,you will spend some money for advertising 
3 : Your local warehouse fee of custom yoga towel
Especially if you stock in amazon or ebay maybe will occur some warehouse fee ,but if you have your own warehouse or stock gym towels in bulk at home so no extra warehouse fee.
Make profits is based on long time performing ,maybe 1 month and maybe 6 months ,so if you want do yoga towels in bulk selling ,maybe you can wait for half to 1 year to check result
And if you want make more people have interest in your own gym towels wholesale ,professional and beautiful gym towels with logo pictures listing on your website is very important ,if you can take some video will be better

6 task to guarantee successful selling  
As per our cooperated customer updating ,below task is what you must do to guarantee successful selling
Task 1 : Take 8 to 12 professional and beautiful customized yoga towel pictures and list on your own website for pre-selling.
Since all final customer they prefer good looking pictures .
Task 2 :Select qualified yoga towel factory,since quality is the most important thing for successful .
Task 3 :Sell normal price ,not too high ,you can refer to your local average retailing cost at firstly and adjust it later as per your detailed requirement
Task 4 : Sourcing the wholesale yoga towels at a normal or cheap price and find a cheaper forwarder ,in this way ,you can reduce the sourcing cost .
Task 5 : Ask for good reviews ,many of our customer who sell well ,they will call to the final customer who ordered their gym towels personalised and ask for feedback and good reviews on personalized yoga towels
Task 6 : Good customer service ,a good customer service is very important during the retailing and keep good customer relationship.

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