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Yoga mat factory


1:Different styles of  yoga mat :

1)cork yoga mat:
Yoga mat manufacturer can do cork +TPE version and cork +RUBBER version two different styles ,We can print your design on the cork side and it will looks amazing .Cork is eco-friendly and high quality .

yoga mat

2)TPE  pilates mats
TPE yoga mat contains single color and double colors two styles .TPE yoga mat is soft and high quality ,very suitable for begainners.The cost also very affordable for you .
yoga mat
3)PU material
We use eco-friendly PU +rubber to make this high level mat ,the PU is water proof and non-slip .Different colors for your chose .Each mat has the position lines to help you get to correct position during exercise .

yoga mat

4)NBR pilates mat from yoga mat manufacturer

NBR yoga mat

2:We we can do for the mats?
1)We can do customized colors
2)We can print your logo on the pilates mats
3)We can print your customized design on mats
4)We can do customized size


3:What else things yoga mat manufacturer can do for customers 
1)We can ship goods to your address
2)We can take photos for your website
3)We can help you design artwork


4:Packaging for yoga mat :
1)Poly bag

2)Carry bag

3)Customized box

What Can China Tiger Fitness to help you ?
1 : Free regular yoga mat sample for evaluation for you and shipping cost customer pay
2: Small test order 200pcs bulk yoga mats as a start to help customer test market with your logo
3: Door to door ship is avaliable so customer no need arrange pick up from china
4:  If during selling meet quality problem ,China Tiger Fitness will provide free yoga mats wholesale order 


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