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Weighted Cordless Jump Rope Factory

weighted cordless jump rope
About customized jump rope:
1. Ropeless, tangle free, WIDELY USED-weighted cordless jump rope can rotate 360 degrees, fast without tangle and adjustable length.
The weighted cordless jump rope can be widely used in office, bedroom, living room and outdoor.
The ideal weighted cordless jump rope is suitable for small space or outdoor exercise, which does not affect the surrounding people and eliminates potential safety hazards.
2. Perfect for ANY PEOPLE – for all ages, whether it’s old people, kids or young people, jump rope customized can be used perfectly.
The weighted cordless jump rope is never too short or too long for anyone, height limitless.
It is suitable for all levels of rope skipping, the weighted cordless jump rope can be used by beginners, crossfit jump rope, boxing jump rope, speed rope jumping enthusiasts and weight-loss people. You’ll never trip over, and you’ll be able to do all kinds of fancy jumps.
3. Weighted and comfortable handles – you can add weight-bearing iron blocks to your needs, each weighing 80g, which make the whole jump ropes weigh 0.7 pounds.
Will let your entire jumping rope process under the load, consumes more energy. The handle is soft and comfortable PP+EVA foam material,made of toner extrusion technology, which is an improvised graffiti.
It absorbs sweat and has certain friction force. When you jump quickly, it can adhere to your hand very well.
4. Lightweight silicone cordless ball – this cordless ball has been upgraded to a silicone material and lightweight.
Silicone material is environmentally friendly, no odor, no sticky hair, easy to clean. The lightweight cordless ball is safer to use.
You can trust your child to use it, and you won’t worry about hitting people or hurting yourself because the ball is too heavy.
5. Adjustable rope – unscrew the lid and take the rope out, pull the buckle and adjust the rope to the right length.Take our no rope jump rope and make it your ubiquitous fitness partner!
Package : polybag or color box or carrybag package
MOQ: 100 sets as a start as a wholesale jump ropes in bulk
Shipping :Door to door ship wholeaale jump rope
Payment method : Bank account or Paypal both ok
Customized customizable jump rope procedure:
Step 1 :Confirm products requirement with jump rope factory 
Pls update us your prefered weighted cordless jump rope style and color as well as package
Step 2 :Sample
Pls confirm whether you need weighted cordless jump rope sample for testing or video sample testing
Step 3:Bulk jump ropes order mock up
Our sales will do a weighted cordless jump rope mock up for your side to you what your logo will look like on it
Step 4 : Pre-sample customizable jump rope
After customer confirmed customized jump rope mock up ok , we will start the pre-sample we will arrange one pc pre-sample and print your logo on it and send picture or video for customer to confirm whether pre-sample is ok .
Step 5 : If pre-sample not approved, we will re-work ,if approved ,we will start the bulk order production
Step 6 : Shipping customizable jump rope :
After all bulk jump rope wholesale order finished ,we will send customer products bulk order pictures pls customer make balance payment after see bulk order pictures and also confirm shipping address we will arrange door to door ship ,and if customer pick up the order from our factory also ok .
Step 7 : Received the bulk order and wait for customer feedback
If customer received the order successfully and all is ok ,then the order is finished ,if customer meet shipping lost or bulk order quality problem ,we will contact customer to solve it for re-producing or refund etc things
Can jump rope factory customize jump ropes wholesale order in bulk ?
Yes ,we can add your private label logo on products and also can customize the package ,if you have interest in them pls send inquiry to talk more details with our sales.
What Can China Tiger Fitness to help you ?
1 : Free regular products sample for evaluation for you and shipping cost customer pay
2: As a 9 years old jump rope factory ,small test order 200pcs as a start to help customer test market with your logo
3: Door to door ship is avaliable so customer no need arrange pick up from china
4:  If during selling meet quality problem ,China Tiger Fitness will provide bulk jump ropes order free replacement.


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