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foam roller


1:What benifits for the foam roller 

Best Therapy Foam Roller: Provides relief from cramping, tight muscles, suitable for physical therapy. Post-workout recovery tool reduces lactic acid buildup and alleviates tension to keep you going.

Improve Exercise Efficiency: Unique multi-density pattern provides targeted compression ideal for self-massage, relieving pain and improving flexibility.

High Performance & Security: high-density polymer foam will not lose its shape and will not break from intensive use. It is resistant to high and constant loads. maximum load capacity 440lb.

Loved by runners, crossfit athletes, yoga and Pilates students, swimmers, physical or sports therapy patients, and those just doing a normal fitness workout. Great for the arch of the foot, and any part of the body but the spine or neck.

2:How to use the foam roller 

3:Tiger Fitness different styles foam roller 

1)Standard hollow massage roller 

foam roller

2)EPP solid roller

3)Vibrating Exercise roller

4)long 3 in 1 roller

4:Why choose Tiger Fitness :

&Tiger Fitness has been manufacturing fitness products about 8 years and we have extensive experience with personal websites and Amazon selling.
&Tiger Fitness Can provide customers with a variety of customized services, including custom logo, custom colors, custom packaging, etc., but also to help customers do their own design. Help customers quickly improve their competitiveness
&When purchasing products at Tiger Fitness, if you encounter a product of poor quality, we will provide a free replacement or direct refund, so as to save customers the worry




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