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Where to buy chinese jump rope &custom jump rope

Where to buy chinese jump rope

This is Happy Fitness aluminum handle jump rope wholesale ,about this style Professional new digital Jump rope calorie,we have many regular colors,such as yellow,green,blue,black and so on.

About package,our regular package is poly bag,we can also do carry bag,color box and brown box.

Most of our cusromers need print their logo on the new digital custom jump rope ,we can also do this.Enclosed our other

customers’ bulk pictures for your reference,you can see white screen printing on the Professional Double Ball Bearing timer

Where to buy chinese jump rope

where to buy chinese jump ropewhere to buy chinese jump ropewhere to buy chinese jump rope

About Happy Fitness custom jump ropes,the material is eco-friendly,

Pls see enclosed Jump rope certificate :
where to buy chinese jump rope

where to buy chinese jump rope

Happy Fitness also have different styles of  jump rope wholesale for customers choose,pls see enclosed picture

where to buy chinese jump rope

What benefits can customized jump rope brings to our bodies?

1. The benefit of custom jump ropes for man is that it can burn calories very well and is an effective exercise for weight loss and fat reduction.


2. Rope skipping can enhance physical fitness and promote blood circulation at the same time.,digital skipping rope calorie

is conducive to strengthening the body’s respiratory system and circulatory system, increasing lung capacity and improving

the blood supply function of the heart.


3. Custom jump ropes can also enhance hand-eye coordination and exercise coordination and sensitivity of the body.


4. Skipping rope can increase the body’s mental metabolism and strengthen the function of blood vessels, so it has a good preventive effect on diseases.


5. Rope skipping is a kind of systemic exercise, which can have a certain coor-dinated exercise effect and exercise purpose for the upper limbs, lower limbs,waist and buttocks.


6.The custom jump ropes can fit beachbody mbf program, ropeless skipping rope is suitable for all ages and all level

jumpers, perfect outdoor and indoor cardio.

The jump rope customized workout is amazing especially in limited spaces like living room,

bedroom,office, hotel rooms etc.Small/compact and would be easy to take along when traveling. You can do it anywhere



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