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Wholesale yoga ball factory


1:Yoga ball factory

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – Tiger Fitness has been a trusted supplier in  wellness and fitness products for about 8 years. This professional quality gym ball is rated to support up to 220 pounds.
VERSATILE – Inflation can be increased for additional firmness and instability to create a more challenging workout.
SOFT & COMFORTABLE – The Soft gym Ball features an easy-grip texture and assists with body positioning during stretching and stability moves that challenge core strength and balance.
THICKENING EXPLOSION-: The thickness and weight of the gym ball have increased a lot, and it can also ensure better toughness, can resist pressure in all directions, even if the ball is accidentally punctured, it will slowly deflate, so you can won’t fall to the ground.
The surface embellished with finely embossed lines, which are effectively non-slip and prevent the yoga ball from rolling when in use.
2:Different styles yoga ball
1)Sandard exercise ball:

2):Peanut gym ball

yoga ball

3)Balance yoga ball

yoga ball

4)Standard gym ball with base,Yoga Ball Chair 

5)Other styles as below picture shown

3:What style of customization we can do for the gyn ball or balance yoga ball?
1)we can print customer’s logo on the gym ball
2)We can do custmized colors of the exersice ball
3)We can do diffeent pattern of the gym ball as following picture shown .

yoga ball

4)We can provide cusomized packaging such as customized carrying bag or customized box etc

What Can yoga ball factory can help you ?
1 : Free regular yoga ball sample for evaluation for you and shipping cost customer pay
2: Small test order 200pcs as a start from yoga ball factory to help customer test market with your logo
3: Door to door ship is avaliable so customer no need arrange pick up from china
4:  If during selling meet quality problem ,China Tiger Fitness will provide free bulk yoga ball factory replacement 


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