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Bulk Kt Tape: Where to Buy in Bulk

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

1 :What is kt tape ?

Please read this article for detailed instructions and contact us.

KT tape full name is kinesio tape

Kt tape full name is kinesio tape , its made of 95% cotton, 5% nylon breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and it has different sizes and shapes .

It is one kind of elastic sports tape used by pro and serious athletes.

In order to support muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. It’s drug-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic, lightweight, breathable, comfortable material and better for recovery of athletes.

Which is good for our exercises protection and recovery .

2: What do bulk kt tape do ?

KT tape has a lot of benefits ,so many customers will order bulk kinesio tapes and sell from their local website ,stores or supermarket as well as Amazon and Ebay .

Pls see below KT tape functions :

1 : Strengthen your performance

kinesiology tape is designed to be close to the elasticity of human skin .

It supports and minimises inflammation in the area of injury while helping to increase blood circulation for accelerated recovery and improved performance.

2:Muscle your support

KT tape is highly elastic and can stretch up to 50% of its original length without losing its elasticity , it can support injured muscles and joints while allowing a safe and pain-free range of motion.

In this way ,athletes can continue to train and compete while recovering from mild to moderate injuries.

3: Stay for 3 to 5 days and water-proof

KT tape is of good adhesion and sticks well to the self-adhesive kinesiology tape.

Also very light so you can take anywhere and use wherever you are ,even when you swim you can also use it since it is waterproof.

4:Latex free

KT tape is latex free and can be used by athletes, physiotherapists, healing practitioners and doctors.

3: we use KT tape every day ?

KT tape provides support and pain relief before, during, and/or after an activity ,it can  treat many common muscle and joint related injuries including: sprains, muscle strains, subluxations, and tendonitis.

So you can try to wear the kt tape for some hours to checking whether all is ok and comfortable ,if have any allergy reaction should  take off immediately ,but if all is ok ,we can use it 3 to 4 days every week

4:How to remove kt tape?

As we know kinesio tape is highly adhesion so if we do not need it and want to remove ,we should use some good methods .

1 : Use some oil on it.

Put some oil on the tape directly and keep 15 to 30 minutes ,then it will be not so sticky and take off slowly.

2: Take a shower

We Can Get in the shower and thoroughly wet the tape and lather the area with soap.

In this way ,It can loosen up the adhesive and allow you to slowly pull it off , pls remember to keep the skin taut by tugging it in the opposite direction of the pull to minimize discomfort.

And pls do not do below two methods :

1: Rip the kt tape off hard like a band-aid

2 : Remove the tape against the direction of your hair ,in this way ,It will damage your hair and get hurt .

5:When should you not use bulk kt tape

If you are currently undergoing treatment for cancer , pls avoid using kinesiology tape, since it is thought that the tape increase circulation, and increasing blood flow and nutrition to a cancerous lesion may be dangerous .

6 :Different kinds of bulk kt tape?

Bulk kt tape have many different styles ,so we can see many different shapes of kt tape as well as many different materials of kt tape and also many different sizes of kt tape .

Kt tape in roll :

KT tape we have two way stretch and four way stretch style.

Two way stretch kt tape means the left and right side can stretch ,normally when we use kt tape we will stretch it around 120% to 150% of its original length .

Four way stretch kt tape bulk means except left and right side the up and botton side can also stretch .

kt tape we have 5cm *5m kt tape roll  ,3.8cm *5cm kt  roll ,2.5cm wide kt tape roll and also other customized size kt tape roll

Many customer also order a very large long kt tape roll and when they use them ,they will cut them .

Pre-cut kinesio tape

Below you can also find the different shapes of pre-cut kinesio tape include

Kt tape ankle       Kt tape shoulder

Kt tape elbow             Kt tape knee

Kt tape waist               Kt tape wrist

Kt tape foot

We can use directly ,especially the different shapes pre-cut tape ,it is designed to fit for different position of our body ,so when we buy the pre-cut kt tape ,will be very conveniently to use.

Also the pre-cut kt tape ,we also have the pre-cut kinesio tape roll

The pre-cut kinesio tape is very conveniently to use ,since no need us to use knife to cut anymore .

The disadvantage of the pre-cut tape is —compare with normal roll kt tape it will be a little expensive ,since it need extra labor procedure to cut it and package it.

7: Amazon hot bulk kt tape suppliers?

Below kinesiology tape suppliers get good amazon feedback :


8: Where to buy bulk kt tape?

Actually we have many places to buy bulk kt tape ,if you just need some pcs ,maybe but kt tape near you such as some nearby stores ,supermarket .

Or you can also buy the bulk kt tape from your local amazon ebay etc website .

And now more and more people will also order bulk kt tape from china such as alibaba ,global source ,kt website or made in china or platform  ?

Reasons are below :

1 :Cheaper price – compare with US,Canada or European local price ,china bulk kt tape is cheaper .

2 : Can add their private label – china already for exporting and customize products for many years so have rich experience on customized products .

3:Find suppliers which can also cooperated with other products – since the kt tape factory ,maybe also produce other products so if have

,if customer need other products maybe can ship together and other products also get cheaper price.

So if you want to buy bulk kt tape for your own use such as 1 pc to 20pcs ,maybe you can order directly from local store or website .

Since if you order from china or other countries ,shipping cost maybe exceed 20pcs kt tape cost .

But if you want do some business or need more than 100pcs or maybe want have your own private label printed on the bulk kt tape ,maybe you can consider order from china or other countries.

Since if you order from your local market or stores ,maybe the bulk kt tape has other brand .

And even your local kt tape have no other brand ,if you find a local printing factory to print your logo on it ,the customized fee also very expensive.

9: How to customize my bulk kt tape ?

Bulk kt tape has many points can customized :

Point 1 : Customized bulk kt tape color — customer should give a pantone color number then we china suppliers can produce the kinesio tape as per the colors customer  choose.

Point 2 :  Customized bulk kt tape package : such as color box ,manual or bag ,we can our regular color box looks like before ,it is free of charge ,and we can also produce box or bag as per customer ‘s requirement.

Point 3 : Customize size, customer need tell the width and length they need ,we factory will produce as per the detailed  kt tape bulk size requirement.

9 steps to customized you bulk kt tape .

Step 1 : Tell kt tape supplier your size ,color and package requirement .

You can also ask kinesio tape suppliers to update you hot size and colors .

These days as per customers repeat order rate ,skin ,black ,blue pink colors kinesio tapes are popular and size 5cm *5m is the best .

Step 2 :Ask for the quotation and MOQ.

For example you need 200pcs bulk kt tape ,you can ask kt tape suppliers to quote you the unit cost ,logo cost as well as delivery cost door to door .

Step 3 :After quotation is ok and q’ty ,color ,size as well as package of kt tape confirmed.

Maybe ask for one sample to test the quality .

Sample is very important for some big order ,for example if you need 2000pcs bulk kt tape .

So maybe ask for one sample to see what the product looks like then after satisfied then proceed with bulk order .

Step 4 :Start bulk order ,after sample or quotation is ok.

Can start formal order or small test order ( if no need sample ,small test order 100pcs or 200pcs also ok )

Step 5 :Give kinesio tape supplier your logo artwork or package artwork.

Tell them your detailed  requirement on how to customize the bulk kt tape .

Step 6 : Ask supplier provide the pre-sample of bulk kt tape to check the logo quality ,position as well as package.

Step 7 : After pre-sample is confirmed ,proceed with the bulk order  .

Step 8 :Ask for finished formal order pictures of bulk kt tape to check final printing and products

Step 9 :If all is ok on bulk order pictures ,go ahead for shipping and ask for tracking number .

10 : 5 Points to avoid your mistake when order bulk kt tapes

from start to finish

If you are first time to order bulk kt tape from china ,since you are new and do not have rich experience of international sourcing ,below is mistake you maybe made.

Get Excited to move

The process is easy!


Tell us exactly what you need,Regard bulk kinesio tape factory product quotation include shipping .

Since we cooperated with many customers

When they first order from us or china ,they always think our quotation include shipping .

But actually not ,the reason is some of our customers they have their own forwarder to pick  up fitness products from our factory after order finished.

So we will split the product price and shipping price .

So if you never ask for shipping cost and just think some china suppliers ‘ quotation include shipping ,some times it is not correct .

Pls confirm with china suppliers clear “ does your quotation include shipping cost to our warehouse ?

What is the total cost include products and shipping cost and duty ,tax etc of the bulk kt tape ?


We'll plan the perfect move for you,Never ask for sample for quality testing .

If you just need 100 to 200 pcs bulk kt tape ,it is ok ,since if ship one pc kinesio tape sample to US or Europe maybe also need $30 to $50 which can buy 30 pcs bulk kt tape .

So small test order of sports products no sample is ok ,but if you need 1000 or 2000 pcs products.

Especially the products value is big ,pls test sample firstly and then order bulk order .


Never require to check pre-sample

We know a lot of china suppliers want to skip this procedure ,since the procedure will waste them some time and delayed the production time and caused extra labor cost .                        But we China Tiger Fitness think this step is a must ,especially for some customized products ,pre-sample can make clients see clearly what their logo will look like on the products .


Never ask whether they need pay for local tax and duty ?

Since some new buyer when they first order from china ,they do not know whether will have tax or duty in their local .

So after order arrived ,then they know they need pay.But if customers ask fitness suppliers clearly or china suppliers tell all customers clearly this will be more helpful for customers side profit calculation to check whether should they invest .


Never ask for tracking number

After order shipped ,asked for a tracking number and checking then customer can know which date maybe arrive to avoid bulk order arrived but no one at home /warehouse or sometimes if last longer maybe caused bulk kt tape lost .

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