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Where to Buy Bulk Yoga Blocks

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

What is bulk yoga blocks

Bulk yoga blocks

Bulk yoga mats means buy yoga blocks in bulk.

Normal yoga block have EVA foam yoga block and cork yoga block two material.

Normal yoga brick is 3 inch x 6 inch x 9 inch or 4 inch x 6 inch x 9 inch

Wholesale yoga block factory can also produce customized yoga blocks as per customer requirement


bulk yoga blocks

What are benefits of yoga block custom

what can we do for you?

Stability + balance

Goo quality yoga block can provide the stability and balance needed in your yoga practice

Extend + deepen stretches

Yoga brick can help extend, support and deepen your stretches as well as increase your range of motion

Perfect for on-the-go

Yoga block custom in the studio, or at home use. Perfect for yoga, Pilates, daily exercise, or physical therapy

How many different kinds of bulk yoga blocks

EVA foam yoga block

Foam yoga block is EVA material yoga mat.

Size is 3 inch x 6 inch x 9 inch or 4 inch x 6 inch x 9 inch.

EVA yoga block wholesale produced by yoga block factory normally is embossed logo or screen printing logo 

yoga block wholesale
cork yoga block

Cork yoga block

Cork yoga block is heavier than foam yoga blocks.

Customized yoga blocks cork is normal engraved logo or screen printing logo.

Cork yoga blocks have many different shapes.

China yoga block manufacturer can also produce custom yoga block as per customer requirement 

Difference between different styles custom yoga block

Foam yoga block

EVA Foam conts

  • Soft
  • Light
  • Portable
  • Gentle on joints and muscles
  • Light weight poses
wholesale yoga blocks

Cork yoga block

Cork yoga conts

  • Strong feel
  • Hard surfaced
  • Heavier
  • More stability
custom yoga blocks

How to use the custom yoga block

Yoga blocks wholesale certificate

bulk yoga blocks
yoga block test report 1
yoga block test report 2

How to get wholesale yoga blocks customized

Want custom yoga blocks?


Correct yoga blocks manufacturer is very important to help you produce personalized yoga blocks ,so correct yoga mat suppliers are important


Before you order yoga block bulk from yoga block factory ,you need ask different yoga blocks manufactures to get quotation


After you found the satisfied yoga block factory and also satisfied with their wholesale yoga block price ,you can ask yoga mat factory to ship one sample to you to test


After yoga block sample is satisfied ,we can proceed with yoga block wholesale order with yoga blocks manufacturers


One customized yoga block sample with your logo is important to apporval before mass yoga block bulk printing


After yoga mats factory bulk yoga blocks finished , pay for yoga blocks and ask forwholesale yoga blocks tracking number

Where to find good yoga blocks manufacturer ?

Yoga block manufacturer

If you just need small yoga blocks less than 100pcs ,you can consider order from your local store or Amazon

But if you need buy yoga blocks in bulk and also personalized yoga blocks,you need  to find a good yoga blocks factory .

where to buy yoga blocks

What is good yoga blocks factory

Good factory features

  • Honest
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to communicate
  • Good products quality
  • Perfect after-sample service
bulk yoga blocks

Where to found good yoga blocks manufacturers

where to buy yoga blocks

3 Points you must know for buy yoga blocks in bulk

Create Your Design

yoga block factory

Point one

Get wholesale yoga products quotation firstly from different yoga factories.

The important things is do not forget calculate wholesale yoga blocks shipping cost and your local importing tax

Then choose the correct yoga block factory you like 

Point 2

Must check yoga block sample before buy yoga blocks in bulk.

If can check yoga block custom before yoga blocks bulk buy will be better .

Since yoga block sample is a must to guatantee whether it is correct yoga block you need.

Cork yoga block in bulk

Point 3

Ask yoga block custom pre-sample for approval before custom yoga blocks bulk printing .

This step is important to avoid wrong logo for custom yoga block bulk order 

Bulk yoga blocks in local VS yoga blocks bulk buy in china

Bulk Local VS Import from china

Local buy

  • Fast and convenient
  • Easy to communicate
  • Easy to return if do not like
  • Price is expensive than china
  • Not so easy to find yoga factory to add your local

Wholesale yoga blocks factory

  • Cheap yoga block price
  • Easy to add your logo for small yoga blocks wholesale 
  • Bulk yoga blocks shipping time is longer
  • Need to spend much time to talk with china yoga blocks manufacturers and choose correct one 
  • Need confirm refund policy before order bulk yoga blocks
bulk yoga blocks

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