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Where to Find the Best Wholesale Custom Yoga Mats

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

cork mat yoga factory

What is wholesale custom yoga mats

custom yoga mat

Custom yoga mats

Wholesale custom yoga mats means bulk yoga mats with your logo .

For example ,some customer need branded yoga mats with their own private label for their yoga studio or amazon selling 


What are benefits of the custom yoga mats

Custom yoga mats benifits

Custom yoga mats means privatel label yoga mats supplied by yoga mats manufacturers.

It can help other people know your brand , perfect for brand marketing and can let more and more people know your company and products.


Microfiber yoga mat

How many different kinds of wholesale custom yoga mats

Cork yoga mat

Cork yoga mat is also very popular.

Cork yoga mat normally have tpe cork yoga mat and also cork rubber yoga mat. 

Best selling cork yoga size is 183cm x 61cm x 0.4cm/0.5cm and 0.6cm.

Cork tpe yoga mat is light around 1kg and cork rubber yoga mat is heavy around 3kg one pc.

As for logo ,cork yoga mat fit for engraved logo like right picture ,if you give us your logo artwork ,we can also produce customized cork yoga mat for your ref.


TPE yoga mat

Most manufacturer of yoga mats have double color tpe yoga mats and also one color tpe yoga mats

yoga manufacturer hot selling tpe yoga mat size is 183cm x 61 x0.5cm/0.6cm ,one pc tpe yoga mat is around 900g.

TPE yoga mat logo can use engraved logo and also the embossed logo ,embossed yoga mat seems higher quality .

wholesale custom yoga mats
wholesale yoga mats

PU yoga mat

PU yoga mats some people also called rubber yoga mat produced by natural rubber yoga mat manufacturer 

Rubber yoga mats are very heavy ,around 3 to 4kg each one pc ,and anti-slip function is very good .

Hot size of rubber yoga mat is 185cm x 68cm x 0.4cm/0.5cm/0.6cm from yoga manufacturer.

Wholesale custom yoga mats of rubber normally use engraved logo.

PVC yoga mat

PVC yoga mat regular size is from 183x61x0.3cm to 0.8cm.

Wholesale yoga mats bulk order logo can do enbossed or screen printed yoga mats.

One pc yoga mat is around 900g to 1000g 

PVC yoga mat

NBR yoga mat

NBR yoga mat is very thick ,normal yoga mat size is 183x61x1cm to 2.5cm.

Very soft yoga mat which is fit for yoga mat beginner.

But nbr yoga mat has a disadvantage ,it is too soft so easy be damaged on surface.

So if you need bulk yoga mats NBR ,you need find best yoga mat company

EVA yoga mat

Eva yoga mat wholesale produced by yoga mats factory is a cheap yoga mats.

Custom yoga mat manufacturer produce eva yoga mats size from 183x 61 x 3mm to 10mm.

If you need private label yoga mats ,you can contact yoga factory to get quotation or samples.

Microfiber yoga mats

Yoga mat manufacturer china can also produce colorful printing yoga mat ,the microfiber yoga mats .

The advantage is microfiber yoga mat can do any complex printing .

Normally microfiber yoga mats in bulk will be rubber and microfiber cover.

Wholesale yoga mats size is 183cm x 61cm x 0.2cm to 0.6cm 


microfiber custom yoga mat

What is the difference between different yoga mats

which yoga mat should I choose?


Yoga mats wholesale main difference is material ,such as nbr yoga mats ,tpe yoga mat ,rubber yoga mat and cork yoga mat


Rubber yoga mats & cork yoga mats price is normally expensive than tpe yoga mats & nbr yoga mats and eva yoga mats


Rubber material yoga mats anti-slippy funtion is the best since it is heavy and durable ,smooth suafce yoga mats anti-slip is not as good as textured


Rubber material yoga mats is heavy ,around 3kg ,other foaming yoga mats such as nbr ,tpe ,eva etc is 1kg


As per previous cooperated customers feedback ,black and blue color yoga mats sells better


MNBR yoga mat is thicker ,around 1cm to 2.5cm ,but some rubber yoga mat thickness is only 0.2cm

How to produce yoga mats in bulk

Where to find the best wholesale yoga mats for your business

Yoga mat factory

If you just need 1pc to 20pcs yoga mats ,we suggest you can order wholesale yoga mats  from your local store or amazon ,ebay.

If you need customized yoga mats in bulk ,we suggest you can find a good wholesale yoga supplies to produce customized yoga mats with your logo since they are cheaper 

6 steps to customize your wholesale yoga mats

Step 1: Choose correct style

As per your yoga business or local market, check which style of wholesale custom yoga mats are needed

wholesale custom printed yoga mats
nbr yoga mat

Step 2: Get a quote

Ask yoga mats manufacturers to get your a yoga mat price in bulk based on your requirement.

Or you can also ask yoga mats factory to recommend you best selling yoga mats size and styles.

Step 3: Get a sample

If you bulk buy yoga mats wholesale ,so yoga mat quality is important .

So get a yoga mat sample from eco friendly yoga mat manufacturer is necessary to check whether meet your requirement 

wholesale cork yoga mats

Step 4: Check wholesale yoga mat price

After yoga mat quality is good ,you need check the bulk yoga mats price with yoga mat suppliers to see whether within your budget.

Pls do not forget yoga mats shipping cost since total cost is important – include wholesale yoga mats and shipping as well as your local tax and duty.

cheap yoga mats bulk
wholesale custom yoga mats

Step 5: Place bulk yoga mats order

If the total yoga mats bulk order price is reasonable ,you can proceed with yoga mats order.

Pls do ask wholesale yoga supplies keep yoga mats wholesale bulk same quality as sample.

Step 6: Ask pre-sample yoga mat and ship bulk yoga mats

After confirmed the order ,if you need do custom yoga mats for businesses ,so customized yoga mat sample is a must.

You need use your eyes check the private label yoga mat ,if all is ok approve then proceed with bulk order.


yoga mat in bulk

3 points you need to know for bulk yoga mats order

where to buy pilates mat ?

Check sample

Wholesale yoga mats sourcing must ask yoga mat sample to check yoga mat quality ,if ok ,proceed with bulk buy yoga mats

check pre-sample

Customized yoga mats with logo pre-sample for approval firstly ,then proceed with bulk order mats shipping

Tax and duty

Ask custom yoga mat manufacturer whether their quotation of yoga mats include shipping and your local tax and duty prepaid

How to use yoga mat set

Amazon hot yoga mats

Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

  • 100% NBR foam
  • Imported
  • Extra thick mat for yoga, gym, and everyday exercise
  • Textured foam construction provides traction and stability
  • 1/2 inch thick mat provides extra support, shock-absorption, and comfort
  • Elastic straps secure rolled-up mat; includes shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Please check the mat will not slip on the floor before using
  • Dimensions: 74 x 24 x .5 inches
amazon hot yoga mat

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