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Wholesale cork yoga mat manufacturer

Where to find the best cork yoga mat manufacturer for your gym and business ?
China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

What is cork yoga mat

cork mat yoga

Cork yoga mat

Cork yoga mat is yoga mat with a cork layer material .

Normal cork yoga mat manufacturer produced cork mat yoga is 173cm/183cm x 61cm x0.4cm/0.5cm/0.6cm

What are benefits of cork yoga mat

Get custom cork yoga mats in bulk?

completely non-slip

Cork yoga mat surface is cork’s rigid molecular structure which is not slippy ,it is very for yoga exercise

Eco-friendly and recyclable

The cork comes from the bark of a cork oak tree so Cork trees are not harmed in the harvesting process


Anti-bacterial properties leave cork yoga mats safe to use and no need for regular cleaning

Different styles of cork mat yoga

Bulk yoga mats

Cork +TPE foam VS Cork + rubber yoga mat

Cork TPE yoga mat is light ,around 1kg each pc .

But cork rubber yoga mat is heavy ,around 3kg each pc yoga mat 

What’s more ,rubber yoga mat anti-slip function is better.

But rubber yoga mat is expensive compare with tpe yoga mat with cover

cork yoga mat

Are cork yoga mats slippery when dry?

cork yoga mat

Non-slippery cork yoga mat

Cork yoga mat anti-slippy function is pretty good .

The cork will absorb a bit of water or sweat, causing friction to build between your hands and the mat

Which make the cork yoga mat best choice of your yoga exercise 

How to use cork yoga mat

Custom yoga mats

Cork yoga mat after clean,must under sun for quick dry

You can also see our yoga mats exercise here.

cork mat yoga factory

Where to find correct cork yoga mat manufacturer

Best cork yoga mat manufacturer

You can find the cork yoga mat manufacturer in local if yoga mat q’ty is small .

But if cork yoga mat bulk order q’ty exceed 100pcs ,maybe you can compare china cork yoga mat price between different yoga mat factory.

China Tiger Fitness already produce cork yoga mats for 10 years ,all our yoga products are certified same to use .

bulk yoga mats
fitness manufacturer

How to get custom cork yoga mats in bulk

6 steps to get custom yoga mats in bulk

Get a quote

You need find corret cork yoga mat manufacturers and get a quotation to see whether yoga mat price is ok to proceed

Ask for sample

After compare different cork yoga mat factory ,we can choose the best cork yoga mat manufacturer to proceed sample

Prepare logo

If we are satisfied with cork yoga mats sample and need proceed with our bulk yoga mat order ,we need a logo artwork

Place yoga mat order

Place yoga mat bulk order order with correct yoga mat factory and give them our logo artwork

Customized yoga mat

Before yoga mats bulk printing ,we need check first printed yoga mat for approval to avoid wrong


After customized yoga mat sample approved ,ask yoga mat continue bulk yoga mats printing and we pay balance to ship wholesale yoga mats

Create Your Design

Three points you must know when order cork mats yoga bulk order

Find correct cork yoga mat manufacturer

We need to compare different cork yoga mat manufacturers.                  Then  find the reasonable price cork yoga mat  and easy communication cork yoga mat factory 

cork yoga mat manufacturer

Check sample before bulk yoga mat order

Cork mat yoga sample is important to check whether the yoga mat can meet you requirement.

So we must check cork yoga mat quality before bulk buy yoga mats from yoga mat factory 


yoga supplier

Approve first printed yoga mat

We must ask cork yoga mat suppliers to print one customized yoga mat with our logo for approval firstly.

In this way ,we can avoid cork yoga mat manufacturer to print bulk yoga mats directly and printed wrongly 

cork yoga mat set

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