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Wholesale fishing lures manufacturers

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

Our fishing lures

We have many different styles fishing lures and baits .

As a 10 year old outdoor factory ,we have rich experience in producing outdoor and yoga products 

We have more than 100 styles fishing baits in stock can ship immediately .

If you need custom fishing lures we can also customize fishing baits bulk order for you .

fishing lures bass

Metal Lures

China Tiger Fitness have many different styles metal fishing lures styles .

Pls contact us for more details and quotation 

We can do private label metal fishing baits in bulk order with nice package.

Create Your Design

Soft fishing lures

Our soft fishing baits are elastic and good quality fishing lures.

Stay shape after stretching, pulling and twisting, no ripping

Versatile Plastic Swimbaits: Imitates the look and feel of baitfish, plastic swimbait works whole year around, good bass catchers. You can slowly roll the bait near the bottom or pop the bait as you reel it in

hard fishing baits

Hard lures

Constructed with a tough ABS plastic ang 7 segment multi-jointed body, jointed fishing lures can sink slowly and move flexible in waterad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

This swimbaits is suitable for both brackish and fresh water and works well in all water layers, and can be used for ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing.

Spinner Bait

Hard Spinner Lures Multicolor ranges.

Spinner baits can work in whole swimming layer, great for bass, carp, mandarin fish and snakehead fishing

Good quality fishing lures and free replacement if defective happened.

Squid jig

This style  fishing lures are lightweight, tough, waterproof, reusable and long-term preserved. Assorted bright colors, attractive to fishes.

This style of Squid Jig  shrimp lures. Ideal for fishing squid, octopus and cuttlefish at night or murky water.

Stock Fishing lures

We have more than 100 styles of regular fishing baits ,so if no need add logo ,we can ship the fishing baits and lures immediately to you .

Also as a professional fishing lures manufacturers. We have bag and box package for your choice

Custom fishing baits

If need custom fishing baits in bulk ,also ok ,we are rich experience fishing lure companies.

We can do logo printed fishing lures set for you in bulk order for your stores selling.

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