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Where to Buy Cheap Hula Hoops in Bulk

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

China Tiger Fitness is a chinese factory who specialized in private label cheap hula hoops bulk  production ,we produce stainless, plastic and smart hula hoops, you can also go to our products shop to check the different styles.

Wholesale Hula hoop specification


Plastic and stainless


Brown box or color box


Add your private label on cheap hula hoops bulk

Common materials of hula hoop

Plastic cheap hula hoops bulk wholesale

On the basis of plastic products, a layer of sponge jacket is added to reduce the impact of the hula hoop on the waist impact, and it is cheaper.

Hard metal hula hoop & cheap hula hoops for slae 

With magnetism and massage function, it is formed by bending an empty metal tube, and the inside of the metal tube has an arc-shaped convex and concave shape, which can also massage the waist when it is rotated. It’s hard to shake, but it may easily hurt the stomach.

Smart  wholesale hula hoop

It is made of an empty metal tube bent, the inside of the metal tube is curved convex and concave, and the waist can be massaged when rotated, with magnetic and massage functions.

Benefits of workout with hula hoop

Most frequent questions and answers

Lose weight

Using hula hoop for more than 10 minutes can bring good fat burning effect. 30 minutes of hula hoop exercise can consume 2-3 apples of calories.

Prevent constipation

When turning the hula hoop, it is actually a process of massaging the abdomen. The pressure that the hula hoop puts on the abdomen promotes bowel movements, which helps the bowels push the movement and passage of stool.

Exercise waist muscles and improve physical fitness.

When turning the hula hoop, it mainly relies on the relaxation and contraction of the abdominal muscles and back muscles. At this time, this part of the muscles can be exercised very well, which is very good for the prevention of cervical and lumbar spine diseases.ed very well, which is very good for the prevention of cervical and lumbar spine diseases.

Promote cardiovascular health.

Studies have shown that hula hoop exercise for about 30 minutes a day can improve blood circulation throughout the body, reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. improve brain function, and reduce stress.

Improve balance ability.

Different studies have proven that hula hoops can improve balance, especially homeostasis, in the elderly and young children, and even children with intellectual disabilities.

Improve the action mode.

The hula hoop movement allows the body to oscillate in an organized manner parallel to the ground. In this multi-stage dynamic mode, the coordination of the body is improved.

Step 1 :Confirm whoelsale hula hoop details with hula hoop factory :

Pls update us your prefered style and color as well as package

Step 2 :Sample

Pls confirm whether you need sample for testing or video sample testing

Step 3:Bulk order mock up

Our sales will do a hula hoop mock up for your side to who you what your logo will look like on our products.

Step 4 : Pre-sample

After customer confirmed mock up ,we will start the pre-sample we will arrange one pc customized hula hoop pre-sample  and print your logo on the hula hoop and send picture or video for customer to confirm whether pre-sample is ok .

Step 5 : If pre-sample not approved ,we will re-work ,if approved ,we will start the bulk order production

Step 6 : Shipping cheap hula hoops for sale:

After all bulk order finished ,we will send customer products bulk hula hoop  order pictures pls customer make balance payment after see bulk order pictures and also confirm shipping address we will arrange door to door ship ,and if customer pick up the order from our factory also ok .

Step 7 : Received the cheap hula hoops bulk wholesale hula hoop and wait for customer feedback

If customer received the order successfully and all is ok ,then the order is finished ,if customer meet shipping lost or bulk order quality problem ,we will contact customer to solve it for re-producing or refund etc thingschea

Hula HoopTest Report

All our cheap hula hoops bulk raw material is eco-friendly and safe to use ,pls see below our testing report as a ref.

Amazon Hot Selling Hula Hoops

What can China Tiger Fitness do for you ?

Our services

Sample avaliable

We can ship you our stock unbranded cheap hula hoops for sales ample within 3 days and can also add your logo on our hula hoops to make it a branded sample

Graphic design

If you have no designer ,we can help you to design the wholesale hula hoop color box ,manual to package our hula hoops for yoru confirmation

Quotation and confirm order

After you satisfied with our sample ,we will start bulk hula hoop order and prepare raw material of hula hoops.

Pre-sample for confirm

After bulk wholesale hula hoop order confirmed we will produce one pc pre-sample of hula hoops with your logo for your confirmation firstly

Bulk order shipping

After customer confirmed customized cheap hula hoops bulk pre-sample is ok ,we will start the bulk order and customer pay balance we start ship

After-sale service

After customer received our order or during selling ,find any defective items or quality problems,we will provide free bulk hula hoop replacement

As a 9 years wholesale hula hoop factory We also have many other different styles of cheap hula hoops for sale include plastic hula hoops ,stainless hula hoops and smart hula hoops etc. And we can add your private logo from 100 pcs as a start ,if you have interest ,pls contact us for more details .

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