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Wholesale Posture Correctors: How to Get the Best Deals

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

1 : What is posture corrector back

these days posture corrector  are very normal all over the world ,since these days we spent many hours in front of our computers we twist our bodies as per the more conveniently work .

Day after day ,it caused our back not so straight and posture corrector back is one style of product which can adjust our back to make it back to normal and address our muscle imbalances problem .

posture corrector

Most wholesale posture corrector material is fabric such as nylon or polyester and its size will also be adjustable to fit for different people use .

2 : What’s the benefits of wholesale posture corrector back ?

Pain relief

Support straightener for back,neck shoulders etc full body , Improves Posture and Pain Relief


Boost your confidence ,since long time access to computer ,day after day our back not so straight which will cause us not so confident ,posture corrector back can help adjust our back after daily use and give our confidence back which is good for our life and work .


Convenient to use : posture corrector back is very small so fit for different occasions ,not matter in home ,office or go out ,we can take it out easily .


Make your bones healthier : after wearing posture corrector ,it will help us to open our shoulders so our bones will back to correct position .

3 : How to use customized posture corrector ?

About posture corrector

Do not make it too tight or too loose .

In the market ,most posture corrector back is adjustable which can fit for different people when you wear it ,you can adjust the length of strap as per your requirement.

Pls do not make it too tight ,since it will not good for your body and not so comfortable ,and do not make the customized posture corrector to loose ,since if like this it can not correct and adjust your body more efficiently.

No need use it permanently ,after several weeks or months ,your back back to normal and already feel ok then no need keeping use it anymore .

Some video on how to wear the posture corrector back

4 : Top 10 wholesale posture corrector back .

Butterfly shape posture corrector back

This style posture corrector is adjustable style fit for both men and women.

Soft ,comfortable and breathable material make it popular in posture corrector amazon .

The butterfly posture corrector unique design is new in these years and can help us for pain relief for neck shoulder and upper back.

This style back brace is beautiful and can help us to find our confidence back months later ,it can wear outside or inside both ok fit for many different occasions.

This style posture corrector back design is innovative ,it has  two adjustable straps across your chest and waist which avoid cutting into your underarms, and minimize risk of underarm chafing.besides , there are two soft sponge shoulder pads are designed for reducing shoulder or armpit pressure

It is also adjustable style which fit for both women and men daily use , Brace Posture Corrector is unisex and comes in 2 sizes. S/M size fits a 23-35 inches waist, and L/XL size fits a 39-49 inches waist ,you can wear it cover your clothes for comfort at home or in office.

This style of brace amazon rating is very high ,its material is neoprene and fit for chest size of 30 “ to 43 “ ,comfortable material and adjustable size posture corrector back for for both men and women .

This style back brace features high-end durable stitching and it remains silky soft to the touch, breathable, without ever getting uncomfortable or irritating your skin ,maybe you can have a try .

Fit for Posture corrector fits chest circumstances between 28 to 48 inches and also very light and duarable,this style posture corrector back will help correct and relieve the negative symptoms of bad posture which include back, shoulder and neck pain and tension headaches.

X shape posture corrector

This style of pocture corrector back we sold a lot in past years and add different customers’ logo then bulk order shipped to Germany or USA . This style of customized posture corrector is made of nylon and neoprene ,its size is very wide and big so when we wear it ,will feel very comfortable .

PU leather posture corrector

During first use ,we recommend you to use the back brace  20-30 minutes a day increasing the time to 1-2 hours daily to develop muscle memory and use every day until your body back to normal .

The posture corrector back also be a perfect gift for your family or friends for health .

The kingwell back brace designed is a little different compare with previous 5 styles customized posture corrector brace ,since it add a plastic part which is easy to fix your shoulder .

This posture corrector back is designed for people at chest sizes ranging from 33” to 41”, while the large is designed for people at chest sizes ranging from 37” to 45”.

Large posture corrector

Compare with previous 6 different styles of posture corrector back ,this style of back brace is bigger .

So its advantage is it can support more part of our body ,it has many different sizes to choose , which for waists from S: 26-31.5 inches, M: 31-35.5 inches, L: 35.5-39.5 inches, XL: 39.5-43.5 inches, XXL: 43.5-49.5 inches

Also adjustable style which fit for both men and women , this posture corrector device help relieve pain and Symptoms such as sciatica, lordosis, and scoliosis which can make us more confident during daily life and work .

Smart posture corrector

It’s a intelligent strapless customized posture corrector, you could place it onto your upper back. It reminds you sit or stand straight up with a real-time gentle vibration reminder.

It is quite small so can be used more conveniently and easy to carry in and out ,this style of posture corrector brace is very smart , we can download the Bestand APP and sync your device with the app to start your daily training and tracking.

This smart customized posture corrector could monitor your spine, if you get slouch, it will vibrate to remind you to get straight up, the only thing to pay attention to is  please kindly note that you must keep your phone around you to tracking, otherwise, the tracking mode will not work.

VOKKA Posture Corrector

Vokka posture corrector back material is very soft and size also big so when we wear it ,we will feel very comfortable .

M for waist sizes of 23-28 inches, L for waist sizes of 27-36 inches and XL for waist sizes of 35-50 inches, soft shoulder straps reduce friction, correcting your posture and straightening your back without digging into skin after months ‘ use.

New posture corrector ,the yoga sticks

This yoga pole is also perfect for posture corrector back ,it’s a new product which just into market ,it can open our shoulders and arms ,very good product for correcting our back

5 : Does customized posture corrector actually work ?

As we can see from previous benefits of posture corrector factory produced back brace ,there is no doult when we wear customized posture corrector it can help us to adjust our back ,shoulder to correct position.

So if we wear the posture corrector every day and months later it will benefits for our back shoulder etc to become normal .

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And then we will know the correct sitting posture during our daily work in front of computer.

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But this is not mean ,if we wear the customized posture corrector back ,everything will be ok on your back or shoulders?

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Posture corrector back doesn’t strengthen the muscles in the back of the neck or upper back. while it may help while it is on, when you take it off, your shoulders will likely go right back to their earlier rounded state

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 So it means not a single product you buy can make your back or shoulder back to normal , a doctor you can see will solve , or exercise that you can do that will give you good posture.

However, by use customized posture corrector or related products stretching the anterior neck and chest muscles, strengthening the posterior neck and upper back muscles, and getting adjusted on a regular basis, you can make a lasting positive change in your posture.

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6 :Can I wear a posture corrector all day ?

Generally speaking ,you can wear posture brace back 15-30 minutes and no longer than one to two hours per day. a day and last from weeks to months then shoulder and back will feel better ,this is no correct time how long you need to wear the brace ,it based on different back situations.

7 :Where to buy wholesale posture corrector ?

You can buy the wholesale posture corrector back from your local market ,store ,ebay ,amazon or online stores .

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But if you want to add your own logo on posture corrector and make your customized posture corrector back  for wholesale posture corrector ,you can consider alibaba ,made in china etc platform .

Wholesale Posture corrector factory also do private label posture corrector back and our bulk posture corrector already shipped all around the world.

8 :How to customize posture corrector ?

You can customized the posture corrector from below points :

You can choose any point above to customize the back brace or mixed some of the 4 points to proceed .

9 :Pay attention points when order the bulk customized wholesale posture corrector?


If you just need one pc or small pcs customized posture corrector for your own or friends use ,you can order directly from your local big platform such as amazon ebey etc since if not fit ,you can return .


But if you order from different countries for bulk buy wholesale posture corrector ,it will be better for you to order one pc sample firstly based on different sizes back brace to test the quality and size from china posture corrector factory.


You can also buy from supermarket or stores since you can touch the material and try it to see whether the back brace fit you .


And also ask the posture corrector factory to send you a video or pisture of the posture corrector back sample for your checking before shipping out to avoid mistake

10 :Will the wholesale customized posture corrector can bring me profits?

The posture corrector  factory price in china is around $2.5 to $3 and as per our customers’ local amazon or website retailing price is $11 to $18 so from the price compare ,yes it will bring some profits to you .


But there is a lot of hiding cost pls pay attention for your side for your side accurate profits calculation .

1 :Shipping cost .

Customized posture corrector  is not so heavy so many customer will choose air shipping , these days,for example ,if china ship to Europe or USA each pc posture corrector back shipping cost is $1.8 to $2.5 .

If wholesale posture corrector  q’ty is big we recommend sea shipping to reduce unit posture shipping cost,since if posture corrector back q’ty order q’ty meet 700pcs ,each pc back brace shipping cost is only $0.5 to $0.6 .

2 :Advertising fee :

Our different customized posture corrector bulk order customers’ advertising method is different .

Some sell online some sells in local stores ,so pls check whether your side will occur some advertising fee .

3: Stock fee

If you have your own warehouse or stock at home or office will be ok ,no extra cost ,but some of our amazon posture corrector sellers tell us amazon store fee seems not so cheap ,you can also contact amazon customer service for more details .

Welcome to come back to us to talk more details on back brace .

Contact wholesale posture corrector factory now to proceed the sample for testing .

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