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Wholesale Resistance Band Supplier

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

1 : What is wholesale resistance bands ?

wholesale fabric resistance bands in bulk means wholesale resistance bands which means we can see a lot of resistance bands such as fabric resistance bands  or thera bands in bulk as well as bulk resistance tubing.

Generally speaking when we mentioned resistance bands in bulk ,we will mean wholesale resistance bands Supplier or buyer which order q’ty many more than 50pcs or 100pcs .

2 : Top 3 styles resistance bands in bulk .

Style 1 : 17pcs wholesale resistance bands set & resistance bands with handles bulk

The 17 pcs resistance tube set include below resistance bands :

5 pcs x different resistance levels tubes (10lbs ,20lbs,30lbs,40lbs,50lbs)

2 pcs x handles

2 pcs x ankle straps

1 x pc door ankle

1 x manual

1 x carrybag

5pcs mini loop bands

 If you want only one fitness accessory from fitness supplier, Thanks to the included carry bag, you have the bands set ready whether at home, in the office or on holiday

Since this resistance band set produced by resistance band supplier include 17 pcs different wholesale cloth resistance bands so you can do different resistance exercises and also not heavy .

The wholesale resistances band set contents include 5 sports bands, 2 handles, 2 foot straps and a premium door anchor, which can train many different muscle groups and allow physical goals to be achieved. Whether strength training, crossfit, calisthenics, pilates, yoga, stretching, physiotherapy .

Style 2 : Fabric resistance bands in bulk

Wholesale fabric resistance bands compare with latex resistance bands wholesale ,its anti-slip function is better ,fabric resistance  these days are very popular.

Fabric resistance bands  wholesaleare ideal for assisting in P90x, CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, Weightlifting, Squatting, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts and the wholesale booty bands will include 3 to 5 different resistance levels as a set .

Style 3 : Power bands /pull up assistant bands

Power bands have many different sizes from resistance bands supplier ,the power bands normally is around 1m long and circumference for the pull up assistant bands is 81.9 inch .

Many people will buy pull up assistance bands in pack such 3 to 5 different resistance levels bands as a set into meshbag so when they do resistance workout they can choose the one they prefer.

The wholesale cloth resistance bands in bulk offer effective training. Workout your arms, back, legs, and butt all at once with mobility band, perfect for body resistance training and physical therapy to help strengthen torn ligaments or muscles.

A variety of wholesale fabric resistance bands produced by resistance bands supplier make you can do more training you want. If you are a newbie, you need to start working out from the pull up assistance bands with the least resistance .

3:What is the benefits of wholesale cloth resistance bands ?


Resistance training is a great way to get a full body workout and resistance tube in bulk will include different resistance levels of bands which are excellent for home exercise, gym routines, and physical therapy .


Resistance bands wholesale produced by professional resistance bands supplier are the ideal home gym equipment ,we can use them in your yoga, Pilates and can also take out very easily since they are very light ,they can help us lose weight and stretch our body .


Wholesale resistance bands are great for lower body exercises that target your legs, glutes, quads, and hips,it is a great way to get a full body workout

4: Amazon hot selling resistance band in bulk ?

Wholesale Resistance bands are very popular ,and many sellers sell them in Ebay ,Amazon etc ,below is Amazon hot resistance bands  which have good reviews.

5 :Where to find correct resistance band supplier?

If you want to bulk buy resistance bands whoesale unbranded,you can order from your local store ,website ,amazon ,ebay or supermarket .

But if you want to buy wholesale cloth resistance bands  and want customized wholesale resistance bands,maybe you can consider order from china resistance band supplier  ,Pakistan or other countries since their price maybe only 15% to 30% of your local market .

But if your want to import wholesale fabric resistance bands and you are first time to order fitness products ,find a professional resistance bands factory will help you a lot .

And if you want find wholesale resistance bands supplier ,you can search from google or alibaba ,global sources as well as made in china etc platform .

You can ask the wholesale resistance bands supplier to handle the bulk order resistance bands as well as door to door ship you ,in this way ,you no need to take care of the resistance tube importing and your local custom clearance .

China Tiger Fitness is a Chinese fitness factory who produce gym equipment ,resistance bands wholesale ,yoga products as well as outdoor products .

6: How to add my private label on wholesale resistance bands in bulk ?

If you want to have your wholesale cloth resistance bands wholesale with your own brand ,you need below steps

1 : Step one

Tell wholesale resistance bands supplier which style of resistance bands you like

2: Step two

Provide your logo artwork in AI or PDF format for resistance bands wholesale printing

3: Step Three

Ask for resistance bands sample for your side testing from resistance bands supplier

4 : Step four

If sample is satisfied ,confirm order with resistance bands supplier and pay for deposit.

5: Step five

Ask for customized resistance band wholesale pre-sample to check the resistance bands logo

6: Step six

If pre-sample is correct ,ask resistance bands supplier proceed for mass printing and package

7: Step seven

Pay resistance bands balance wholesale and ask wholesale resistance band supplier to ship bulk resistance bands to you.

8: Step eight

Ask for wholesale resistance bands in bulk tracking number from resistance bands supplier

7 : 5 pay attention points wholesale resistance bands?

For some new buyer who is first time to order products from china or other countries, attention list below :

Since you will do resistance bands in bulk or other products in bulk ,so you need ask for a sample to check quality ,after satisfied then go ahead.

Take resistance bands as a example ,if you want to order 200 sets resistance bands ,pls ask resistance bands factory to quote the product price and shipping cost separately .

Since many resistance bands supplier maybe only update you product cost some customers maybe regard they include shipping ,but actually ,most suppliers’ price will not include shipping so ask clearly how much for products and how much for resistance bands in bulk shipping is important .

Customers’ local tax and duty maybe the hiding cost ,since if we import goods from other countries ,when products into our country maybe we will need do custom clearance and pay local tax and duty .

China Tiger Fitness can do door to door shipping for resistance bands  include customers’ local tax and duty pre-paid so customer no other hiding fee to pay .

You can ask resistance bands supplier to send you video or picture or ship you the printed resistance bands in bulk for your checking ,so you can see whether logo and package as well as products colors etc details are correct ,after pre-sample approved ,then proceed with resistance bands in bulk mass production .

Tell wholesale resistance bands suppliers to stick FNSKU barcode and FBA labels free of charge for you in advance.

If you on Amazon ,you should know Amazon have many rules such as :

Stick FNSKU and FBA labels for scan then can into Amazon

Outer ctn size not exceed 63.5cm and weight not exceed 20kg if possible ,otherwise add extra heavy label .

So if you are ready to sell the resistance bands in your own amazon ,pls create the resistance bands set barcode and FBA labels from your amazon system and send to your cooperated supplier to stick.

Most resistance bands supplier will provide free label service as a support  .

8: Will the wholesale fabric resistance bands help me to make profits ?

The reason is 100% yes ,since if wholesale cloth resistance bands no profits ,there will no so many sellers to sell the resistance bands in amazon or ebay as well as their website anymore .

Generally speaking ,the wholesale resistance bands wholesale in bulk ,if mini loop bands 5 pack ,in china resistance bands supplier only $2.5 each set ,but in US,Europe Amazon can sell around $10 to $15 each set .

Fabric wholesale cloth resistance bands set china factory price is $3 to $5 each set and Amazon is $12 to $20 each set .

So we can see the china wholesale resistance bands supplier’s  price is really low compare with Europe ,US,Canada local price .

This is why many gym owner or personal trainer as well as many sellers in Canada US and Europe as well a Australia they will order wholesale resistance bands from china wholesale resistance bands supplier .

Since china supplier have below benefits :

1 :

Resistance bands wholes price is cheaper and can start from small q'ty – just like above example

2 :

Can add private label on wholesale resistance bands in bulk


Good resistance bands suppliers' customer service to customers

4 :

Can arrange resistance bands wholesale door to door ship so customer no need worry anything.

resistance bands


If products have any quality problem ,China supplier will also solve them immediately.

Even resistance bands in bulk will have much profits ,but when you calculate your profit,pls do not forget below points :

The shipping cost from china to your country – some wholesale cloth resistance bands factory maybe not provide shipping service ,China Tiger Fitness can provide door to door shipping service for resistance bands in bulk .

Especially when you sell in Amazon ,maybe in order to make your own resistance bands in first page ,you will spend some money for advertising .

Especially if you stock in amazon or ebay maybe will occur some warehouse fee ,but if you have your own warehouse or stock resistance bands  at home so no extra warehouse fee.

And make profits is based on long time performing ,maybe 1 month and maybe 6 months ,so if you want do wholesale cloth resistance bands in bulk selling ,maybe you can wait for half to 1 year to check result .

And if you want make more people have interest in your own resistance bands wholesale ,professional and beautiful resistance bands pictures listing on your website is very important ,if you can take some video will be better .

custom resistance bands

Welcome to give some comments on wholesale resistance bands in bulk so we can talk more details together.

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