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Wholesale water bottle manufacturers

China Yoga and Fitness Accessories Manufacturer

1 :Different styles of wholesale water bottle .

We can see different styles of sports water bottles wholesale near us ,such as stainless steel water bottle plastic water bottles ,and they also have some different sizes 350ml 500ml 1000ml and even bigger from stainless steel water bottle manufacturers.

Water bottles are very important for our daily life ,for example during our sports exercise we need drink water ,also go out for baby drinking .

Drinking enough water every day helps keep good health , a lot of water bottle is designed with time markers and motivational quotes to help you know how much water you have intake every day which make our life more convenient .

2 : What is the best sports water bottle ?

Safe material

Firstly, the best water bottles must be safe to use , Safety is top priority. The water bottle with straw is can made of food-grade eco-friendly reusable Tritan or food-grade stainless steel from stainless steel water bottle manufacturers


Sports water bottle must be leak-proof and spill-proof features for convenient portable travel

Good size

The water bottle size different people have different requirement and you can choose the small water bottle or big water bottle which fit for you.

3: Is stainless steel customized water bottle safe?

If the material is food grade stainless steel water bottle and also stainless and lead-free ,then yes it will be safe to use .

The best stainless steel wholesale water bottle manufacturers’ water bottles material is 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. The grade refers to the composition of metals, 18% chromium and 8% nickel, and is one of the highest grades of stainless steel available.

Stainless steel customized water bottle compared to glass water bottles, it maybe make your water have a metallic taste and some can heat up in summer temperatures.

4: How often should I clean my sports water bottle?

It will be better if you clean your own sports water bottles 1 to 3 times every day ,or maybe when it is get dirty pls clean immediately.

If we do not wash our water bottles ,maybe water bottle can become a breeding ground for bacteria and a safe haven for poop particles which maybe make us sick .

5 : Amazon top water bottles

As per amazon good reviews and sales record ,we found below water bottles maybe your good choice to buy.


Thermoflask Double Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle with Two Lids, 24 oz, Capri

“I have a cupboard filled with expensive and inexpensive water bottles (picture included) and it has been trial and error over features, taste, leakage and easy to use.

I decided to buy this one because it had the chug and straw top and I liked some of the reviews. I bought two more for two family members that wanted to try it.

When they arrived we were pleased with the 24oz size and colors we chose. We washed and tested them for a week. Me and the family members love the chug top.
If you put hot liquids, sip carefully. It really keeps liquids cold with ice for 24 hours and some ice was still in the flask.
I bought another one for me and the two family members. We use one just for water and the other one for other liquids.

It’s easy to clean if it gets any stains. I let 3/4 cup of distilled white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and hot water soak in mine for 10 minutes and then I use a bottle brush to scrub it. Don’t put the cap on and wait until the vinegar and baking soda has settled before adding the hot water. Scrub and rinse thoroughly.

I’m so glad I bought this one. I’ve had it for awhile and have no complaints. I’m glad I bought the 24oz. instead of 16oz

Updated: August 17, 2021
I ordered again because I love this company.
Thank you for the upgrade to the lids. Now the rubber ring have a tab that is easy to pull out! Makes it easier to soak and clean from juices that leaves stains.
Also thank you for making the straw top spout, fully plastic instead of the rubber one that can easily be pulled off or start breaking.
Those improvements are loved by the two people I bought the flask for.”Ronda,  amazon.com


Chilly’s Bottles | Leak-Proof, No Sweating | BPA-Free Stainless Steel | Reusable Water Bottle | Double Walled Vacuum Insulated | Keeps Cold for 24+ Hrs, Hot for 12 Hrs

“I have a cabinet full of sports water bottles, but this one, I really like. I use it for both hot and cold drinks. In both cases, it keeps the water cold or hot for a very long time. Once I had made a hot drink and poured it into the bottle on my way to work. I ran out and left the bottle on the kitchen counter. When I got home, the hot drink was still warm. So, 8-10 hours later it held its temperature. I would definitely recommend.
dmaestro,  amazon.com


HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (White 24oz)

“Love this water bottle! I drink between 1 and 2 gallons of water a day, so the water bottle I use is very important to me. I’d been feeling weird from using my plastic Nalgene bottle. I’ve heard from a lot of sources that even if the plastic is BPA-free, it still affects the water quality and puts harmful plastic byproducts into the water. I’ve made the switch to hydro cell and feel much better about the fact that the stainless steel interior will not get into my water. As a bonus, this does not sweat and keeps my water cold for an incredible amount of time! I filled my bottle with ice water before a round of golf the other day, left it in my car in an 85 degree, full sunny day, and I came back 5 hours later to water that was still refreshingly cold. Did that again while working out for an hour, and none of the ice melted (see attached pics). I’m super impressed so far and have recommended this bottle to my family, who are now all buying one themselves. Give this a try – it’s worth the investment!
Mitch,  amazon.com

6 : How to get customized water bottle in bulk ?

Many people want to do a personalized water bottles –which means add their name or company logo on the water bottles bulk wholesale from stainless steel water bottle manufacturers

Especially some water bottles wholesale sellers they want to order sports wholesale water bottle customized in bulk and add a personalized logo on bulk water bottles are good for their brand expand.

But how to customize a water bottle ?

Step 1

Find a stainless steel water bottle manufacturer who can produce water bottle customized.

Step 2

Find your local designer to design a logo or package artwork forwater bottles bulk wholesale using .

Step 3

Confirm with water bottles suppliers the water bottle customized fee and shipping cost.

Step 4

Update water bottles manufacturer the water bottle logo artwork in AI and PDF format for water bottle customized logo mold making.

Step 5

Ask water bottle suppliers to send the finished personalized water bottle video or image for checking.

Stainless steel water bottles in bulk

Step 6

If you are satisfied with the water bottle customized sample ,ask the water bottles supplies to ship you and update you tracking number .

7 : Where to find stainless steel wholesale water bottle manufacturers?

If you just want to buy some water bottle for your own use ,you can order from your local amazon ,ebay or some stores or supermarket near by .

But if you just want 1 or 2 pcs ,maybe you can buy some other brand ,can not get a water bottle customized .

If you are a gym owner or personal trainer or amazon .ebay seller, or maybe you have your own website and want to buy sports water bottles in bulk ,you can have a try to search some water bottles supplies in google or alibaba  ,global source or made in china some platform .

China Tiger Fitness is also a stainless steel water bottle manufacturer who have many different styles of water bottles bulk wholesale .

Most clients will order water bottles bulk from China the reason is below

Cheaper price

China water bottles are cheaper than US and Europe made wholesale personalized water bottles since labor cost and raw material is china is cheaper

Good communication

Most china water bottle suppliers can understand English and speak English and also with good customer service on wholesale personalized water bottles

Convenient shipping

We can arrange water bottles in bulk door to door ship to USA,Canada Europe customers include custom clearance and local tax duty pre-paid which saved a lot of time for our water bottles customers.

Good after sale service

If water bottle customized in bulk order have any quality problem ,we china water bottles supplies will provide free replacement and will not let customers suffer the loss.

8: Will water bottles wholesale can make profits ?

The answer is absolutely yes ,otherwise there will no many buyer order water bottles bulk from china and other countries and sell in their local market .

For example stainless steel water bottle wholesale ,one pc stainless water bottle customized like below style 500ml water bottle is around $2.5 to $3 from stainless steel water bottle manufacturers

But this stainless steel water bottle bulk sell in Amazon is around $12 to $20 each pc .

Which means it will around $10 profits If sell one pc stainless steel water bottle personalized ,but do not forget the advertising fee if you need advertisement.

movers, moving, carry-24402.jpg

And another potential cost of the water bottles are the shipping cost .

Let us use the same stainless steel water bottle as a example ,the stainless steel water bottles if 300pcs will be around 100kg and below is the water bottles shipping cost from china to USA or Europe .

Water bottles bulk order ship by air : $850 to $1100 door to door

Water bottles bulk order ship by sea : $450 to $550 door to door

So when you are ready to do sports water bottle business and order water bottles bulk from china ,pls do not forget to calculate the shipping cost .

If you are new in international business ,you can find professional stainless steel water bottle manufacturers to help you to arrange water bottles in bulk shipping door to door .

And then pls your side calculate the wholesale water bottles  cost ,stock warehouse cost and shipping cost as well as advertising cost if it has to check the total cost .

If you already have some good channels to sell water bottles in bulk ,this is a good news since your business is almost successful ,you just need to find a good water bottles supplies then all ok .

9: 8 tips when order wholesale water bottles in bulk

China Tiger Fitness is a Chinese stainless steel water bottle manufacturers ,we already sell wholesale water bottles ,yoga as well as other fitness items for almost 9 years .

We are familiar with the international business procedures and if you are new in the international water bottle customized sourcing ,below 8 tips maybe can help you .

Tip 1 : Find the good water bottle supplier

Good wholesale water bottle supplier means water bottle price is normal and also with good communication and after sale service ,this is a must ,since you need find a good partner to cooperate.

Tip 2 : Do not source water bottle wholesale in high price

The reason is simple ,if your sports water bottle in bulk sourcing price is too high ,you can not  fight with your competitor in the market .

Tip 3 :Do not forget to check shipping cost

Since most china water bottles manufacturers will quote product and shipping cost separately so also ask them to update you the shipping cost or better to include the tax and duty of your local so you can know the total water bottle bulk price

Tip 4 : Do not forget check water bottle sample

After you find a sports water bottle supplier you are satisfied ,you can ask them ship you one water bottle sample to test the quality

Tip 5 : Have your own logo and package artwork of water bottle

If you want produce the water bottle customized in bulk ,then you must have your own logo and package artwork ,since you need give it to your stainless steel water bottle manufacturers to make mold .

You can ask your company design to do it ,if you do not have a designer ,you can also find a wholesale water bottle logo and package designer in your local and give him one time charge after the artwork finished .

Normally water bottle suppliers will need the logo artwork in AI or PDF format .

Tip 6 :Do not forget to check water bottle pre-sample

Pre-sample means after you place the water bottle bulk order with water bottle supplies ,they need produce one pc customized water bottle sample with your logo and send you pictures or video or ship you the water bottle customized sample for your checking .

This step is very important to avoid water bottles bulk order production wrong ,so not skip it ,tell your sports water bottle factory this step is a must and only you confirmed the pre-sample the proceed with bulk order printing.

Tip 7 : Check water bottle customized bulk order pictures with stainless steel water bottle manufacturers then make balance payment

Normally 30% /50% deposit to proceed and 70%/50% water bottles in bulk order balance paid after order finished .

So you can ask water bottles suppliers to send you some  wholesale personalized water bottles order picture then proceed with final payment .

Tip 8 : Ask for tracking number and ETA

ETA means wholesale water bottles bulk estimated time of arrive to you ,so after you paid water bottle bulk order payment ,you can ask water bottle sellers to update you the tracking number of bulk order as we as the tracking number of water bottles bulk order .

China Tiger Fitness is a professional stainless steel water bottle manufacturers who start from yoga products and then expand to fitness items ,massage items as well as outdoor items ,we have already established cooperation relationship with many customers in Australia ,Germany ,Canada ,UK as well as USA .

If you have some better understanding of sports water bottles or want to know some other details on water bottles ,pls kindly leave a message or kindly contact us so we can talk more details together .

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