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A yoga mat is a mat that is laid on the ground when practicing yoga.The material of yoga mat is generally divided into rubber foam, TPE foam, PVC foam, EVA, latex mat, NBR mat, etc.
Yoga mats have different functions, and the functions of yoga mats in different materials are also different.
If you are a newbie who is about to sell yoga mats and don’t know how to choose your first yoga mat , or you’re selling yoga mats and want to expand your product range, then please follow me do

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Tiger Fitness have been manufacturing yoga mats about 8 years ,We have served customers in more than 60 countries in the world, and we will take every cooperation seriously

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1:Why yoga mats are so necessary during fitness


2:How to use the yoga mat


3:The functions of yoga mats in different materials

4:What customization services Tiger Fitness can provide for these yoga mats?


5:Raw material test report for Tiger Fitness yoga mats


6:Tiger Fitness Service

1.Why yoga mat is necessary during workout





When doing yoga poses. if the body slips in an undesired direction while practicing yoga, the body can suffer from muscle spasms and fatigue. Yoga mats help maintain firm support on surfaces due to their non-slip properties. It also provides a kind of insulation between the human body and the ground. This prevents any loss of heat, energy from the body to the ground, thus providing thermal insulation. For these reasons, a yoga mat is considered a must for every yoga practitioner.

The role of the yoga mat is not only for non-slip, but also for a certain degree of protection. When you are doing some knee-on-the-ground movements, if the pad is too thin, the knee will have a strong feeling of pressing against the ground.

yoga matProtect yourself during workout

     Keep warm

When you exercise in winter or exercise outdoors, you will feel cold when you directly touch the ground. A yoga mat can help you isolate the cold, so you can concentrate on the exercise itself

2:How to use the yoga mat

3:The functions of yoga mats in different materials

NBR yoga mat

The biggest advantage of NBR yoga mat is that it is thick enough, which is very suitable for beginners, and the NBR material is relatively soft, has a small taste, is cheap, and has good elasticity, which is very suitable for use at home.

TPE yoga mat

Light in mass.

Each mat weighs of TPE yoga mat about 1200 grams, which is about 300 grams lighter than PVC foam mats, making it easy to carry around.
Good anti-skid performance. There are beautiful anti-slip particles on the front and back. Even if you sweat during exercise and the sweat drips onto the mat, you don’t have to worry about slipping, and the anti-slip effect is still excellent.

Strong resilience.

Although the thickness is 6mm, but the resilience is strong, stepping on it is as comfortable as stepping on the cloud.

Cork is an environmentally friendly material with a soft and tough texture. Doing yoga on a cork mat makes you feel as if you are in nature and touch the warm and unique texture, which is also conducive to physical and mental relaxation.

Yoga is a sport that is not limited by environmental conditions, and the powerful functional properties of cork material can increase a lot of strength. Waterproof, heat-insulating, wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, light-weight, making sports more convenient.

PU cheap yoga mats in bulk

The slip resistance is better, and it can be non-slip both dry and wet. It adopts high-tech anti-slip technology, which makes the pad surface soft and comfortable, and has anti-slip and water-absorbing functions. The perspiration enters the buffer layer to ensure that the pad is dry and clean.

The 3.5mm natural rubber rebound layer has many advantages such as high wear resistance, shock absorption, good anti-skid elasticity, etc., which can well protect the knee joint and avoid accidental injuries.

At the same time, on the basis of the rubber pad, the thermal bonding technology is used to add a high-density long-pile layer “deerskin velvet” as the surface anti-skid layer, which has stronger sweat absorption, and can increase the anti-corrosion machine printing custom patterns with moisture, not only  beautiful, full of space and ritual. is a high quality yoga mat

wholesale custom yoga mats
Test report
Our services

Sample avaliable

We can ship you our cheap yoga mats in bulk sample within 3 days and can also add your logo on our yoga mat to make it a branded sample

Graphic design

If you have no designer ,we can help you to design the color box ,manual to package our yoga mat for yoru confirmation

Quotation and confirm order

After you satisfied with our sample ,we will start cheap yoga mats in bulk order and prepare raw material of yoga mat

Pre-sample for confirm

After bulk order confirmed we will produce one pc pre-sample of yoga mat with your logo for your confirmation firstly

Bulk order shipping

After customer confirmed yoga mat pre-sample is ok ,we will start the bulk cheap yoga mats in bulk order and customer pay balance we start ship

After-sale service

After customer received our order or during selling ,find any defective items or quality problems,we will provide free replacement

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